Germs…Germs….and more Germs

Just a few days ago, I shared with you all my feelings of Cabin Fever due to 3 feet of snow on top of coughs and fever that had me in the house for 7 days!! Well guess gets worse!! I know could it-right? Well let's rewind a bit to Friday morning shall … Continue reading Germs…Germs….and more Germs

Runfessions-January 2016

Linking up with Marcia for Runfessions. Feel free to share your runfessions and also check out what others are runfessing! Well here we are, the 1st Runfession of always I am always like holy is the month over already!!! My to do list for the month has like 2 things checked off of … Continue reading Runfessions-January 2016

Cabin Fever and Germs…..

Last Friday and through out the weekend, the DC area got BLASTED by the Blizzard of 2016.  When I say blasted......we got BLASTED!!! In my area of Maryland, we got 36 inches of snow...YES 3 feet of freaking snow!!! The stillness, quietness and quietness of the snow in the beginning was beautiful. A perfect way to slow … Continue reading Cabin Fever and Germs…..

Lady All Met Football

Last week officially began my off season as a football player. After playing 6 football games in 2 1/2 days last weekend, my body needed a full week of rest and recovery. I did absolutely nothing in terms of exercise....ABSOLUTELY nothing!! and enjoyed EVERY minute of it!! For first timers to the blog you can … Continue reading Lady All Met Football

SoleFul Saturday: The start of the 21 Day Reset

Happy Saturday all!!! Anyone else stuck in the house due to the Blizzard of 2016!  At last check we had at least 25 inches.....and counting...uugh! UPDATED: total snow fall in my area.....36 inches!!!! On Thursday, I ventured into what I thought would be a CRAZED grocery store to pick up what I needed to cook … Continue reading SoleFul Saturday: The start of the 21 Day Reset

Preparation towards the 21 day reset

Last month, I shared with you that I would be participating in Laura's 21 day reset. I talked about how it was perfect timeing due to the start of January being a continuation of the holiday indulgence with my birthday and traveling for a football tournament where my eating will be a bit crazy! The … Continue reading Preparation towards the 21 day reset

My efforts to get quality sleep.

At the end of last year, I won the Jawbone Up Move fitness tracker from a giveaway hosted by Wendy at takinglongwayhome.  One of the reasons I was so excited about this win was because the Jawbone tracks sleep. Daily, I wake up feeling tired and get EXHAUSTED throughout the day.  As a light and … Continue reading My efforts to get quality sleep.

What’s wrong with the old you?

Hey ya'll!! Anyone miss me? I have been a bit MIA but I'm baaaaack! Refocusing, redefining and making some necessary changes (more on that later). Right now I just need to vent for a minute and I really hope not to offend anyone with my venting. Ok.....If I see another picture, read another FB or … Continue reading What’s wrong with the old you?

Soleful Saturday (a day late)-I’m a Ambassador

I am so excited and honored to be an Inaugural Running Moms Ambassador! As a running mom, I have loved meeting and running with other running moms.  I have enjoyed the people and relationships I have made being a member of my local Moms Run This Town (MRTT) group.   MRTT  hope is that to provide a fun … Continue reading Soleful Saturday (a day late)-I’m a Ambassador

Water-Water Everywhere!

Just back in September I wrote a post on the importance of drinking water and hydration and how I LOVE ME SOME WATER yet, some how I am here struggling to drink the minimum of 8 glasses of water. What is happening? Now that the weather is changing and the temperatures are getting a bit … Continue reading Water-Water Everywhere!