12/27-1/3 Week Wrap

Another great week of vacation, family and fun!!

Linking up with HoHo Runs and Tricia from MissSippiPiddlin for the weekly wrap-thanks as always ladies for the opportunity!


Make sure to stop by and check out how other bloggers spent their week.

Weekly Workout Re-Cap:

Sunday: Football practice
-Getting ready and focused on Nationals in 2 weeks. Let’s Go Ladies!!

Monday: 7 mile run
While in NY, had to get some miles in. Am I the only one who has to run in a different state just so that my Garmin will record it-lol!
Even though it was actually quite chilly that day, since the weather has been so warm on the East Coast, flowers and plants were blooming. Kind of neat actually.
I had no set pace or distance in mind on my run. Ran by feel and ended up going 7 miles at an avg 9:36 avg.


Tuesday: Full Body Workout w/Grokker
So glad my dad is a #fitdad! He had some free weights and so I turned to Grokker for a workout video. Got a good workout in!!


Check out these pics my dad snapped of me 😉


Wednesday: Track Work

Today’s track workout – 20-160m to celebrate 2016. We alternated hard/easy pace.


Great way to end the 2015 running year and bring in my 42nd year of life!

Thursday: Rest Day
Boy did I REST! Made sure the kiddies were OK and stayed in bed until 1pm!!


MCRRC New Year 5k
I am totally in love with this picture!!

Saturday: Full Body Workout Morning workout: Full body Circuit: 10 sets -3 time with 1 min rest.

-squats to bicep curls to shoulder press (15 lb DB)
-Renegade Rows (15 lb Db)
-deadlift to bent over row (30 lb BB)
-deadlift to upward shouler row (30 BB)
-deadlift to overhead shoulder press (30 BB)
-side lunges to calf raises (30lb BB)
-barbell glute raises (30lb BB)
-chest press (30 lb BB)
-skull crushers (30 lb BB)
-abs (planks, toe touches, crunches)


The kiddies got it in too! #fitfamily


They did stairs, pull-ups, push-ups and ab work.

Sunday: Football practice

Weekly Fun through pictures

Sunday-Road Trip to NY with the kiddies and my brother

Monday: NY Trains, Rockefeller Center and Leggo Land

Tuesday Watching soccer, playing with Leggos, enjoying lobster and the road trip back home.


See you soon NY!!

Thursday Dental cleanings and New Year’s Eve game night.

All clean and pretty!

Let’s bring in the New Year

And my birthday


1/1/2015….It’s my birthday!!!

Well that is how I wrapped up the last week of December and the First week of January!

Welcome 2016-so happy for 365 days of great opportunities!


Happy New Year All!

How was your week? How did you bring in the New Year?

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8 thoughts on “12/27-1/3 Week Wrap

  1. Tricia@MissSippiPiddlin.com says:

    Isn’t running by feel so awesome and that is a great pace too! I bet it was nice running in NYC. What look at you! That IS a great picture of you in your race and on your Birthday I know it will be a keeper for sure! BTW Happy Birthday to you!!! That is some workout you did the next day too! I think you had a fantastic end of 2015 and first of 2016! Let’s do this!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. HoHo Runs says:

    Happy Birthday Tamieka! How cool to have a birthday on January 1st! You had a very active week. I like the way you get your kids involved. I bet they loved Lego Land. Did you go to top of the Rock? My screen saver is a picture taken up there from years ago. I liked it better than the Empire State building. We had a low key NYE by watching football and shooting a few fireworks. I made it to midnight eastern time and figured that was good enough. Thanks for linking with us and Happy New Year!

    Liked by 1 person

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