Will you Zooma with me?

Last month, I shared with you all, my excitement of being selected as a Zooma Race Ambassador!12342845_10206467007967890_4324245599423385923_nThe excitement continues as this week we begin training for the Run Love Challenge.  I have signed up for the 10k. There is still time to register (until Jan 11th) but there are less than 85 spots left so act quickly! This is a virtual 5k/10k race set to be run the weekend of the 14th.  Did I mention the SWAG!!!

Check out what participants receive:

  • 5K/10K Training Program
  • Cozy Run Love Sweatshirt
  • ZOOMA Run Love medal
  • Weekly newsletter
  • Bonus ZOOMALife Radio podcast episode
  • Swag from our sponsors (including Feetures! socks)
  • Access to a private ZOOMA Challenge Facebook group
  • Audio for your Virtual Race from Motigo
    • Motigo allows you to hear personalized audio messaged from your loved ones (and from us!) during your virtual run. #verycool



In my post last month, I told you to hold off on registering because I would have a PROMO CODE for you.  Thank you for your patience….If you will be registering for a Zooma race (outside of the Run Love Challenge), please use my PROMO CODE: TAMIEKA16 to receive 10% off.

Please feel free to share this will all of your running friends!



If you sign up for a race, let me know which one and if it is one that I am running as well, I surely would like to meet up!!

#zooma #zoomanation #togetherwearestronger


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