Do you need to CTRL-ALT-DEL..Reset…Renew?

When my computer is tripping and I am just about to throw it out the window, the saving grace it the CTRL-ALT-DEL that shuts the computer down and restarts it and gives is a sense of renewal.  Typically this will cure the craziness of the computer and everything will be renewed and back to functioning as it should…until the next time I have to hit the CTRL-ALT-DEL buttons.


I have found that my fitness/health/eating habits from time to time also get a bit out of whack and the CTRL-ALT-DEL/ renewal works wonders for me.

A few thing that I have done to CTRL-ALT-DEL in the past have been:

The Whole 30 Program


Body For Life

Each of these programs have helped me get renewed and back on track toward a healthier and fitter Tamieka.

After my last half of 2015 (Rehoboth Half), I decided that I would reduce my running and increase me strength training with desires of rebuilding the muscles that I lost due to the amount of running I had done over the year. I had decided my ‘off season’ would be spent renewing  and rebuilding the body that had treated me so well in 2015.

So after Rehoboth, I set out to using the Body For Life Exercise plan for 6 weeks leading up to my National Championship Football Tournament next week. I have been pretty consistent with it and am enjoying getting a good sweat from lifting weights.

I have been thinking about if I would continue with the BFL program after Nationals or if I would transition to something else.

How exciting when I got an invitation from Laura Peifer to participate in her 21 Day Reset Challenge and to provide an honest opinion of the program and my results. The program will run Monday, January 11th – Sunday, January 31st, 2015.  I will actually be starting a week late as I will be at a National Football Tournament most of the week of the 11th.


What is the 21 day reset challenge? Laura states:

The 21 Day Reset Challenge is for anyone who wants to replenish their body with delicious, whole foods and cut out the processed food for 21 days to feel and look your best!

A whole foods challenge to cleanse your body, mind and spirit
Seasonal meal plans to energize you, while releasing toxins 
Daily emails with holistic health tips
Group support to share successes and challenges
Optional supplement support for better results
Bonus: Personalize a plan to be a stronger, fitter runner! This will include 4 weeks of workouts

Past participants have said:

“I’ve learned to know what helps me feel good inside and out…and that real food is much more satisfying and fulfilling than processed. I’m also glad to know that resets get easier each time and last longer.” – Briget

“I honestly have not felt deprived at all these last two weeks. My number one success has been no wheat or baked goods! I think I was literally living off sugar prior to this. So surprised and pleased that I can live without them. It’s been so good getting reset tested recipes to try…. I’ve lost 5 lbs over the past two weeks, I can see my ankles again (they were getting really swollen prior to this), I think I’ve lost an inch or two total.” – Jane

“I can’t remember the last time I felt this good. I’ve never been big into sweets except for PMS. This month I made the chocolate date nut balls and I was fine. Plus, my PMS symptoms were really improved. I was Paleo and I have introduced some grain like rice pasta. This has also hugely curbed my alcohol intake.”   – Jennifer

What I like most about what Laura has to say is about this program is:

This is not about any particular diet label.  Instead, I’ve combined the best of paleo, vegan/raw and Aryuvedic dietary theories to create a reset that is based on whole, delicious foods and packed with tips and tricks that allow you to shift your mindset about food, rather than feeling like you are on a restrictive “diet.”

I don’t do well with restriction so this will be perfect for me.

Join the 21 Day Reset challenge and receive all of the reset details each week, including:

* Weekly sample meal plans and dozens of delicious recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and dessert

* Private Group Facebook page for support and accountability

* Daily emails with bonus tips and advice

* Short cuts for easy, healthy meals to energize you

What do you think? Are you ready for a Reset? If so, Register HERE!

You can use PROMO CODE: BLOG to receive $10 off the challenge

The 21 Day Reset will be the perfect  CTRL-ALT-DEL for me after returning from Nationals where I will indulge in one or two many dozen Krispy Creme donuts, fast food establishments and overall bad eating over the week/weekend.  Even though, I will probably burn all of it off due to the fact that I will be playing 5 football games in 2 1/2 days but still the 21 Day Reset will be right on time and just what my body will need to feel renewed and to get ready for another great year of physical successes and achievements.

Yup it’s  Wednesday Word with Deb from Deb Runs

Deb Runs

Wednesday’s Word is Renewal


1. The act of renewing or the state of having been renewed.
I am looking forward to the 21 Day Reset to help my body feel a great sense of renewal!

It’s been a while joining the ladies for Wild Workout Wednesday but glad to do so!
Nicole at Fitful Focus 

Michelle at Fruition Fitness

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37 thoughts on “Do you need to CTRL-ALT-DEL..Reset…Renew?

    • fitballingrunningmom says:

      I have done the whole 30 and liked it…although I lost too much body fat and thought I looked a little too thin for my liking but overall loved how my body felt. I tried to go paleo after whole 30 but couldn’t get myself organized enough to do it. Good look with the Dopey Challenge and the whole 30. Cant wait to hear about both!


  1. Kim Hatting says:

    Totally LOVE your CTRL-ALT-DEL ideology!! We all need that from time to time. My family just returned from 9 days of vacation (in California!), and we had more than our fair share of junk food. I know it’s bad when I actually start craving plain water over anything else LOL Good luck at Nationals!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Run Wright says:

    This is great. I like the idea of doing something to reset the bad habits that might have stared creeping in during the end of year celebration.
    Last month, I started changing my eating habits – eating less often, eating better, swapping candy for nuts and fruit if I feel really hungry. And drinking water. It’s one of my resolutions to get at least 8 cups of water everyday. So far, it’s going well. I drink the occasional juice or soda (gulp) but not like before.
    I think it was important for me to start changing my habits incrementally – otherwise, I feel so deprived.
    All the best with the reset. I’ll be looking to hear how it goes.
    And enjoy your Football event! I know you’ll do great

    Liked by 1 person

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