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Well here we are, the 1st Runfession of 2016…as always I am always like holy crap….how is the month over already!!! My to do list for the month has like 2 things checked off of it!

So here we go….

Runfession #1- I can count on 1 hand the amount of times I have run this month!! I actually think by the end of the month, I will have only run 3 times.

Runfession #2- I should be training for 2 races (Zooma Love Run [in February/ Philly Hot Chocolate 15k) and I have not done anything to be prepared for either…see Runfession #1

Runfession #3- I am in a run funk!!! Like I know I need to be running, I should be running, I love running but I am just not feeling it right now.  It has nothing to do with the weather, I actually like running in the cold. Last year, the coldest I ran in was -8 and I loved it! I just don’t know what is….I hope it goes away soon though, I have goals and a great 2016 race schedule set!

not running.jpg

Runfession #4- I am fighting the urge to call the Dr. to get another cortizone shot. Going  from no pain to lots of pain just plain sucks!!!  I know that cotizone is not a cure and should only be used sparingly…but i want no pain 😦

Runfession #5- well this is more of a trifession….I had no idea transitioning to triathlons would be so expensive!!! I know that for my 1st Tri , I can make due with the basics and such but I can see how I might have to mortgage my house soon-lol!!

Well there you have it folks….I feel so much better now! Thanks for reading and hearing my Runfessions. I really do appreciate it 🙂

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42 thoughts on “Runfessions-January 2016

  1. Kelli says:

    I have definitely had running funks come and go over the last two years. I find that a break from running and then easing back into workouts (don’t look at pace, just go for time and even do run/walk intervals) helps reignite the passion and rejuvenate the body. And yes, triathlon can be expensive but it doesn’t really have to be. If you’re not already on the facebook group “Tri n Sell It” find it and request to join. You can pick up some gently used gear for a pretty good deal on there. I prefer using it over eBay since the tri community tends to be fairly close-knit.

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  2. Michelle @ Running with Attitude says:

    I’m so with you on the running funk. I’m so ready to put January in the rearview mirror! Hope you can get some relief for the pain soon!

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  3. Jenn @ Run with Sole says:

    Running funks happen to the best of us. Maybe take it as a sign to just take a break and not stress too much about it. Give yourself a week of not worrying about it and then try again. If you’re still not feeling it, maybe you need more time. And if you have to reevaluate your goals, that’s ok too. You’re in charge here. Do what makes you happy. When it’s not fun anymore, it’s time for something else.

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  4. ishouldrun says:

    I can completely relate. I just don’t feel like running right now. I don’t even feel like planning any runs. But I’ve always thought January is the month where you are still shaking off the previous year. February is the light-a-fire-under-your-tush month IMO! It’s going to be fine!

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  5. MB Jackson says:

    Well cute stuff I don’t know what to think about all this, LOL! I have my first half in the morning! Hiring Coach M has made a big difference and I feel like I have a purpose. It will come back, if not buy some hot, make your a$$ look good running tights and just get out there! 🙂 🙂

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  6. says:

    Switching gears is good, I have seen some of those amazing tri suits and the OMG price tags that go with them. I heard a few tri guys talking about bikes and boy was I blown out of the water, I had no idea bikes were THAT expensive either! Wow! I guess I’ve been living under a rock! I hope you find your running grove back! 🙂

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  7. fionajarrett says:

    Yep, transitioning to triathlon does take a good dip out of your pocket! There’s just so much gear…crazy but having done it myself a couple of years ago and bought my stuff gradually, I honestly have to say I have no regrets whatsoever and absolutely love triathlon events. Worth it 🙂

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      • fionajarrett says:

        I bought my road bike first, before buying my wetsuit a good few months later because you don’t really need the wetsuit until much nearer the time of the race. You can be training away on the bike and swimming in the pool or without a wetsuit outdoors. I bought a fairly entry level bike to keep the cost down & also because I wasn’t sure if I would keep it up long term. I figured if I liked it, I could upgrade in a few years. It does the job and I’m happy with it. The sky really is the limit on how much to spend on a bike but unless you have money to burn, there really is no need. Good luck!

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  8. Kim Hatting says:

    chin UP, girl! Your body probably needs a rest…didn’t you just have a big tournament? Running always goes in cycles for me (and, I suspect, for others as well). We don’t need to love it every single time we lace up (kind of like child-rearing…), but it’s always there regardless. YOU got this!!

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  9. mkadens1 says:

    I’m so with you. I’m not running much either. I haven’t even signed up for any races in the near future because I don’t feel like I’d be ready. I think I need a kick in the pants. Gah! Tri is SO expensive. To be fair there were plenty of women at my first tri with very basic bikes, etc. But there were MORE women with screaming hot tri bikes. Not this girl. Not this lifetime. Thanks so much for linking up!

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  10. Janelle @ Run With No Regrets says:

    Darn it that I’ll be in DC when you’re in Philly for Hot Chocolate. I can totally get not feeling running for a while, it happens, and sometimes a break is good! Sorry to hear about your pain, hopefully you get better soon.

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