Germs…Germs….and more Germs

Just a few days ago, I shared with you all my feelings of Cabin Fever due to 3 feet of snow on top of coughs and fever that had me in the house for 7 days!!

Well guess what… gets worse!!

I know could it-right?

Well let’s rewind a bit to Friday morning shall we….

We got up excited to be getting out of the house; My daughter to pre-school, my son with me to work (school’s were closed again..ugh!) but hey we are getting out of the house right?!?!

The day went well; enjoying the day out of the house even if at work and preschool-lol!
Friday night started out like any other night and then took a turn in a direction I was not expecting.

During the night (before bed), my daughter started coughing again-this time non-stop. It faded a bit at bed time and so I thought the cough medicine we gave her was helping. Throughout the night her cough got worse waking us all up. She coughed and she threw up 3 times. We were up all night with her. It did not get any better. I decided to make an early appointment with the closest urgent care-it was set for 7 am. It was a long long night.

While I sat up with her, of course I did a Google search with her symptoms ….oh Google you had her at death’ door (OK not really) but you know what I mean.

Amino came up as one of the google search results.  I had heard of them before and their Doctor Find Service ,which connects you with doctors based on their experience treating ailments. It was kind of neat actually. It found some local pediatricians in my area. I already have a really good pediatrician but if I needed a new one, I like that I found this resource that could help me find another one. Check it out here

OK back to ‘it gets worse’… we were up most of the night



and at the urgent care by 7am on the nose!

During the night my throat was ON FIYAH! So while I was there for my daughter, I signed in to get checked out too.

The results….my daughter has an upper respiratory virus and strep throat AND I have strep throat! WTH!!

Cure: rest, antibiotics and more rest. 2 more days in the house…do you see now how it got worse…ugh!


Well being stubborn and a bit passive aggressive, I didn’t listen to the Dr and decided to run the streets a bit yesterday and I am paying for it today! I will be resting most of the day today (my son has soccer practice at 4:30 pm).

While laying in the bed resting today, I started thinking about what I may have not done to prevent us from getting sick- mommy guilt is real!!

With cold and flu season in high gear, I really try to make sure that we are being proactive and preventative and create routines and structures to ensure we stay as healthy as we can.

-wash our hands religiously;
-cover our mouths;
-eat well;
-rest well;
-drink lots of fluids including juices with 100% vitamin C;
-disinfect daily (I go through a 3 pack of Lysol so quickly!);
-dress appropriately for the weather;
-get the flu vaccine:

Looking at this infograph from Amino , we have been doing many of their suggestions on how to keep healthy during the winter. I think the one thing that I need to ensure we do more is to take daily vitamins. I have never been very good at that.

I really don’t know how we got strep throat or how she got the upper respiratory virus. We have been home for 7 days and it has just been us in the house. Maybe she had the virus from school and it just took some time to come up/out. I really have no idea but I tell you one thing….I am not a happy camper.

I will be even more vigilant with our routines/structure to stay healthy in the winter and really hope this will be our only real illness this winter.

Outside of a few highlights in January (Highlight Highlight,   HighlightHighlight), I am glad this month is over and am prayerful that February will be better than January.

goodbye jan.jpg


How has your January been? How do you stay healthy in the winter? Do you take daily vitamins…can you recommend any? 

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10 thoughts on “Germs…Germs….and more Germs

  1. Sue @ This Mama Runs For Cupcakes says:

    Ugggh, so sorry! I used to get strep all of the time and it is NO FUN!! But please, REST UP!! No more running for you until you are feeling better!


  2. says:

    I try to take a multi vitamin, currently it’s GNC’s Active vitamins, but I forget about 3 days a week. Last week I did feel a sore throat coming on ran to the store and got me some Zicam and It did work! I hope yall feel better, I’ll have to check out Amino, that is interesting!

    Liked by 1 person

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