She is triumphant!!!

I know everyone has seen those Mesothelioma commercials on TV……


You have seen this right? I have to admit, I have always thought these were another one of those commercials where lawyers convince you have a disease and promise you a big settlement if you CALL ME NOW (shout out to Ms. Cleo)!!! All jokes aside….I really never knew anyone who had Mesothelioma or for that matter, I never really knew what it was.

Mesothelioma-Mesothelioma is an aggressive cancer affecting the membrane lining of the lungs and abdomen. This rare cancer is caused by the exposure to asbestos, which can be found in old building materials as well as other products. Asbestos can be found in insulation, floors, ceilings and drywall tape. When this material becomes damaged, it makes it easy to inhale and puts those who are around it at risk.

MAA_meso_types (1)

Uuuugh another F-ing Cancer….it is EVERY FREAKING WHERE!!!

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Rewind to last week when Heather reached out to me to share with me that this month she is celebrating the 10th anniversary of Lung Leavin’ Day…..the day she had her diseased lung removed.


Check out her Lung Leaving Interactive Page

Yes….. Heather is TRIUMPHANT from this aggressive cancer that Drs. at the time of diagnosis gave her the her 15 months to live.

That was 10 years ago!!!

heather 1

Heather celbrating this past weekend! TRIUMPHANT!!!

My heart swells with joy and happiness for Heather! I can not begin to understand how TRIUMPHANT she feels…. I can only imagine!

Read her survival story here

The craziest thing….Heather was 36 when she got diagnosed with mesothelioma. Most people are given only a few months to live due to the severity of the disease.

She had just become a mom and couldn’t imaging how she could have gotten a disease associated with construction and old buildings.  Can you believe this…..her dad was a construction worker and like every daddy’s girl she walked in his shoes and his coat (literally) everyday.  His coat had asbestos from his construction jobs and she inhaled those asbestos fibers!!!! Crazy right!?!?!

Heather does not dwell on the past….and deal with the ‘what ifs’….she has devoted her life to spreading awareness of this rare disease and I am honored to have been asked to share some information with you all to help to spread the word and knowledge about this disease.

What You Should Know About (1)

In recent years, I have many friends and family who have been TRIUMPHANT from cancer. PRAISE GOD!!!  Sadly, my aunt was not TRIUMPHANT from Pancreatic cancer. On Boxing Day (December 26) 2015 she left us.  She fought a good fight and her passing on Boxing Day was so symbolic.  RIP Aunty!!!


TRIUMPHANT….adjective……..having won a battle or contest; victorious.


TRIUMPHANT is the Wednesday Word with Deb and as per usual her word fit perfectly with my thoughts and happenings!  Thank you DEB!!


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