Don’t take me confidence for arrogance

Growing up, I struggled with Confidence.  Growing up in a prominently white neighborhood, not many people looked like me and this made me want to just blend in and look like everyone else.  I wanted to straighten my hair, cover up my freckles, and try to talk in a different vernacular. I hate my dad for the ‘Skinner’ nose and overall just wish I could be invisible.

My…my….my….. how things have changed!!!

capricorn 1

I am so Confident now that sometimes people think I am ‘stuck up’, conceited and unapproachable.  I don’t like this either but it is what it is…..for I am a CONFIDENT Capricorn!

capricorn 2


When I walk, I walk tall with my head up, chest out and with an air of Confidence.

I am Confident in who I am;

I am Confident in what I am capable of;

I am Confident with my short curly hair;

I am Confident in the freckles on my face (yes black people have freckles too!);

I am Confident in my big nose;

I am Confident in the way I speak (I speak proper English, NOT ‘like a white girl!);

I am Confident in my beauty (on the outside and on the inside);

I am Confident!

fashion show


Yes! It is Wednesday and that means Wednesday Word  hosted by Deb.


Today’s word: CONFIDENT

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25 thoughts on “Don’t take me confidence for arrogance

  1. Ivanna says:

    What a wonderful story of transformation. I believe as we get older the confidence comes. I know that has been the case for me as well…thanks for sharing. I’m teaching my kids to have confidence even when they are the minority where we live. I think we’ve done well.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Montana @ Pretty Lil Mudder says:

    I can only imagine what growing up must have been like feeling like an outsider- I’m sorry you went through that! I was the unpopular kid in middle school because I was nerdy so I have a bit of experience in lacking confidence. This carried on to high school in that I pretended to be someone I wasn’t because I desperately wanted people to like me. However, running has changed all that for me! The older we get, the more life lessons we learn and the less we care about what other people think!!

    Liked by 1 person

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