Be Gracious Always



By definition….today, I live my life graciously!

2 Wednesday Words ago, I shared with you about my confidence and how I have grown to be more confident in recent years. Similarity, my graciousness has developed in almost the same way.

If you knew me, maybe 15 years ago, gracious wouldn’t be the 1st word you would think of when describing me. Sadly, I was a sad and mean Biatch! I won’t bore you with the details but take my word  for it…I didn’t even like myself!! Thank God for a great therapist and a new perspective, understanding and appreciation for life!!

One of my Lental practices this year is to be consciously kind. I have realized during this Lental period, that on most days, I am a really kind and gracious person. I speak to everyone (your job title means nothing to me), I am helpful, I am supportive,  and I am friendly.  Without even really thinking about it, I am a gracious person.  It is just who I am!

I am not sure if I shared this story with you all before…
One day a co-worker whom I speak to (just hi and good morning) everyday knocked on my door and asked if she could come it my office. I invited her in and she proceeded to say to me….I had no one else to talk to and I knew that I could talk to you and that you would care. At this point I am wondering where this is going …..She proceeds to tell me that that day was her son’s birthday and she just wanted to tell someone and she knew I would listen and genuinely care. Oh her son’s age 46!!! We sat and she talked about her son and talked about what a good son he is and all that good stuff. At the end, she thanked me for being so gracious with my time and for listening to her ‘go on an on’ (her words) about her son. The fact that she felt comfortable enough to come and talk to me really warmed my heart. Of all the people in the office, all of whom she has known much longer than me, she choose me. She choose me because she knew that I ‘would care’ (her words).

Although my Lental practice is to consciously and purposefully be kind, I have realized that being kind and gracious is who I am. In my everyday practice, I am kind.  In my actions, reactions and interactions, I am kind and gracious.


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Do you consider yourself gracious? What does gracious mean to you?


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22 thoughts on “Be Gracious Always

  1. Anne says:

    Years ago, I worked with a woman who had NO time for people in our office (we worked for a large government agency, so all levels of “important folk”) who wouldn’t speak to people. This lovely woman — her name was Stephanie — taught me how important it is to ignore job titles and treat everyone the same. I try hard to do that every day.

    And if everyone were “consciously kind” the world would be a better place.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ruth C - Miles with Mom says:

    That really says a lot ,when other trust you like that, it’s not easy to find people who you think will truly care. Keep it up continue to grow and invest in other as often as you can. That is one of the most important things you can do in live.

    Liked by 1 person

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