What I am FAITHFUL to…..

Hello all!

Sorry I have been a bit MIA this week. Recovering and catching up with the family after my weekend retreat with the Luna Chix (re-cap to come).

How is it Wednesday already!!! I’ll take it though….counting down the days to a little bit of family time this weekend. I am 98% sure we are going to drive up to NY to visit my dad in Brooklyn.  The hubby can’t go due to work so that is the 2% chance of us not going. We will see…I will keep you posted.

With it being Wednesday, you know what that means right…..yup yup…. that means Wednesday Word  hosted by Deb.


Today’s word: FAITHFUL

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I have to admit when I saw today’s word the first thing I thought about was a faithful dog which is funny because I don’t even have a dog…I am a cat person. Anyhooo, it did get me thinking about my day and daily activities and the things that I am Faithful about.


I am Faithful to:


-My family

-My friends



-I wake up and give thanks and grace for waking up in the morning;

-I wake up the kiddies;

-I kiss and tell them I love them;

-I workout before the family wakes up (most days…);

-I make nutritious meals for myself and the family (they do love their not so healthy treats as we all do);

-I make a conscious effort to be friendly and kind;

-I smile (someone may really need that);

-I work hard;

-I get the kiddies to their activities (how have I become a soccer and gymnastics mom?!?!…but I love it!)

-I read to the kiddies at night and say prayers with them and again when I got to sleep.


As I type this out, I recognize that there are a few things I need to be more faithful :

-Checking in on my mom and dad. They both are retired and not in great health. I need to be more mindful of that and check in on them more;

-Kiss and tell my husband that I love him. Even if there are days that are harder than others;


Religiously, this Lent, I have been Faithful in not having any sweets….which to some may not be anything but to me has been a great struggle. In most years, by the 1st week, I am ok and Easter sneaks up on me. For some reason, this year has been really tough and this really has me thinking about my sugar need.  I don’t want to say that I am addicted (that is such a powerful word) but I do have a dependence on sugar and I really want to get a hold and understanding of it but don’t want to have to give up my faithful gummi bears and swedish fish…..the struggle is real!!!

I have not been as faithful  in my 40 days of devotion as I had intended for Lent. God knows my heart but I really would have liked to have completed this.  I tend to have difficulty in anything that I have to do every day….I am just not a steak kind if girl I guess.


What are you faithful in? Do you celebrate Lent?

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19 thoughts on “What I am FAITHFUL to…..

  1. runawaybridalplanner says:

    Such great things to be thankful for! I like that you are thankful you smile, that is something I would have never thought of but you are right you never know who needs a smile!
    I don’t celebrate lent, (different religion) but I hope you can keep it up as best you can. I agree Easter would be hard!
    Hope you get that trip to NY this weekend for the family time!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Kim Hatting says:

    I don’t necessarily “give up” something for Lent, but I do use the season as a time to do something positive, or form a new “wellness” habit. I got in the habit of reading the Bible daily back in 2001 when my husband was away for a few months of military training. The habit stuck, and since then I have read (almost) daily from it. Over the course of day-to-day craziness, though, there have been times when I turn out the light and realize I didn’t get my “reading” done…..and there are times when I put it off until the next day. Not a big deal,but I wanted to get back on track with it, so for Lent I have done all of my readings “on time” and it feels good to have that discipline back. Great inspirational post 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    • fitballingrunningmom says:

      good for you!!!

      I can not tell you the last time I read from the bible….shameful!!! Oh wait, I read the birth of Christ to the kids Christmas Eve….but still before that…I can’t even remember. ;(

      Happy Easter!


  3. Chocolaterunsjudy says:

    Sometimes you need a little break & family is definitely more important!

    I think trying for goals, and sometimes coming up short, is more important than not having goals at all. And I know you have a ton of goals! I get tired just reading them someitmes; makes me feel like such a slacker.

    It’s really too bad I don’t get paid to blog, cause I sure devote time to it as if I did!

    Liked by 1 person

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