Thursday Throwdown #1-Spring Cleaning

Welcome to the 1st Thursday Throwdown with your hosts Tamieka, Sarah and Lex!!

Thursday Throwdown

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Each month, we’ll pick a theme and the Thursday posts will revolve around those ideas.

April Theme: Spring

Today April 7 – Spring Cleaning

Even though it does not feel like spring in the DC area yet, it is time for Spring cleaning.

I have a few areas that I need to focus on to help me welcome Spring:

-my house;

-my clothes;

-my training;

My house:

With 2 kids and 2 adults in a small town house, the house can get cluttered VERY quickly.  Over the winter and duringthe blizzard of 2016 (we were trapped in the house for a week), I managed to do a thorough albeit beginners job of decluttering the house. I did pretty well if I may say so myself!

I am actually too embarrassed to show you all of my pictures so these are just some.













We have done a pretty good job of keeping the area de-cluttered but between work, school, and sports activities we cold use a tune up for sure.

My goal this time around is to get a few more things out of the house and to the charity.

My clothes:

I have been putting off cleaning out my closet since the Winter and need to get on it!! There are clothes that I need to give away, clothes that I don’t wear anymore and surely clothes that no longer fit….no Tamieka the dress you wore for your 21st bday celebration is NOT going to fit!! but it has sentimental value!!!

My training:

For the last 6 weeks or so, I have cut back on my running and returned to weight training. I just finished up Ashley Horner’s Charlie Mike training program and really enjoyed the push it gave me and the push WAY out of my comfort zone! Before and After results and pics coming next week!

I am continuing with another Ashley Horner trainer starting next week Breaking Boundaries which is another home workout training using body, weights, kettle bells and such. This is more of a transformation program and I am looking forward to seeing how my body responds and transforms using this program.  I am 12 weeks away from a girl’s trip to Costa Rica and I am looking to rock a teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini 😉

I will continue to cut down on my running-only running during the Luna Chix track workouts and completing PT for my knee.


During the weight training program, I will also begin a beginner’s pre-Triathlon training before starting a full 12 week training program which starts in late June as I prepare for competing in my first Sprint Triathlon in September.

Well there you have it folks….my Spring Cleaning goals.

What are you doing to Spring clean this Spring? Any new programs? 

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18 thoughts on “Thursday Throwdown #1-Spring Cleaning

  1. MB Jackson says:

    cute link up! and great job on the spring clean up- don’t you feel great! I always get in the mood this time of year and it might be just one drawer here or there but it makes me feel like I really accomplished something!

    Liked by 1 person

    • fitballingrunningmom says:

      Thanks 😉 slow start to the link-up but I am glad we got some link-ups…how embarrassing if we got none 😉

      So those pictures were from my Winter cleaning…I am using them as motivation for Spring cleaning-lol


  2. runawaybridalplanner says:

    I’ll come back and share this out later today, I’m at work right now and this work computer I don’t use to log into my twitter:)
    Oh Spring cleaning, I can’t tell you how much I NEED to do this in various ways.
    My wedding company I own, I was at the warehouse where I store everything and oh my gosh things have gotten to be such a mess. I need to take a day or two and go there and reorganize it all. I am so not looking forward to it, I think that is why I put it off last fall when It needed to be done< LOL
    On that same note, my bedroom particularly my closet needs some major spring cleaning. You know you have too many clothes when you start folding them up and packing them in totes stacked up back behind the rack, LOL I shouldn't of admitted that, LOL

    Liked by 1 person

  3. mkadens1 says:

    You made great progress decluttering your house! I well know how quickly it all piles up. I also can relate to old things I SHOULD giveaway having sentimental value. Ugh. Thanks for the linkup!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Kimberly Hatting says:

    My house needs a major overhaul. It’s relatively clean, but oh-so-cluttered with “stuff.” A lot of the stuff is not mine (ahem…it belongs to other house dwellers), so it’s difficult for me to be the purger.Periodically, I take all the crap off my kitchen counter and put it in a box (in mud room), and most of the stuff is never missed. I do think it needs to be a team effort, though, if it’s just me longing for a clean counter, my motivation is low if I have to do it on my own.

    Liked by 1 person

    • fitballingrunningmom says:

      Uugh…the is everywhere!!!

      Yeah the team effort would be helpful. The hubby has no interest in it…you should see his man cave/his room. I have to keep the door closed!

      The kids are getting better in helping though.

      Kim, thank you so much for linking up with us today!! I can’t tell you how appreciative I am!


  5. Chocolaterunsjudy says:

    I’ve been doing an a program I bought online called Final Fat Meltdown. A lot of it is bodyweight, but I added in weights to those anyone. It’s short, but I can still see my muscles so I think it’s really good! I need short right now!

    I would totally be embarrassed to share photos of my home right now. I would most of the time. With the longer days, though, I am slowly getting back into more cleaning (although Mr. Judy might beg to differ).

    Liked by 1 person

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