Thursday Throwdown #2-Earth Day 2016

Happy Thursday all!

Sorry I have been a bit MIA for the past week or so.  I have been busy with an office move and other life happenings. I hope to have things slow down and be back to regular blogging programming next week.

It’s the 3rd Thursday of the month, so that means its time for the Thursday Throwdown with your hosts Tamieka (that’s me 😉 , Sarah and Lex!! I am dropping in quickly to share with you a few Earth Day  thoughts.


 Today’s theme: Earth Day


Earth Day is actually tomorrow Friday, April 22, 2016 but I really feel everyday should be Earth Day actually.

I have to admit that not until I had kids did I really start paying attention to the importance of saving the Earth and preserving it for our future generations.

I used to never recycle, I would take 1 hr showers (if the water heater allowed it), leave every light on (I am scared of the dark and the boogey man….I blame the ID channel!) and probably do everything that destroyed the Earth. Ok I may be stretching it just a bit, but you get the idea right?

Since having kids and really educating myself of the way that we are killing our planet, I have made significant changes in my Earthly (is that a word?….it is today!) behaviors.

Together, the kids and I make mindful efforts to do better and treat the Earth kindly.



Don’t smoke. Well I don’t smoke and I have trained them to know that smoking is DISGUSTING and how the smoke from smoking pollutes the air;

Recycle….my son is on it!!! He looks for the recycle symbol AND the number….did you know that certain states and/or county/cities don’t recycle certain #s. In our county, containers with the #6 (Plastic-PS (Polystyrene) are not recycled. Our county this year put a ban on all styrofoam containers….effectively banning the use and sale of this material in the County. How awesome was that!!!;

Have begun composting (well researching how to do it at home). We would like to build our box and buy some worms.  I am actually really excited about this as we are really into planting flowers and vegetables since my dad had put the bug in us….his flower and veggie garden is AWESOME!!!;

Plant flowers yearly. This year we are growing Zinnas that we got from my dad.



Zinnas and Aloe

Limit the amount of water we use in everyday activities:

  • turn of water when brushing our teeth, washing our faces, soaping our bodies
  • reduce the amount of flushing of the toilet….have you ever heard ‘if it’s yellow…let it mellow….If it’s brown…flush it down.

Pick up trash from around our house and street weekly.

Bring out bags to the grocery store. Well I have them in the car and almost ALWAYS forget to bring them in and end up rolling the cart to the car and packing my bags at the car-lol!!

These are a few of our Earth friendly habits.

Are there any additional habits we should be doing? What do you do to be earth friendly?  How do you celebrate Earth Day?

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19 thoughts on “Thursday Throwdown #2-Earth Day 2016

  1. Lex @ Flecksoflex says:

    Why did I never think about packing my groceries in the car when I forget my bags? GENIUS! It sounds like you are raising some great stewards of the environment! It’s always refreshing to me to see kids who are all about taking care of Mother Earth. Way to go!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. cardigansarah says:

    ohhh! I want to try to compost! I feel like I throw away a lot of produce bits and ends, so it could work…! Will you start with a countertop compost bin?

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Run Wright says:

    Great post. I plan to write up my Earth Day post later too.
    I watched a documentary a few weeks ago that said animal production/slaughter accounts for the highest water consumption in the US so if we want to conserve water, we should consider vegetarianism instead of focusing on the length of our showers. Food for thought.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. runawaybridalplanner says:

    You are very earth wise thoughtful! That’s awesome!
    I’ll be the first to admit, I am not the best. But since my city picks up recycled materials every other week I do separate the paper and plastics and put them out.
    I also don’t start watering my lawn until absolutely necessary. So those are starts!
    I read a book on making your own compost, I love the idea but that book had you doing it under your kitchen sink with worms and all, and frankly that didn’t sit well with me, LOL But making a bin of compost outside, now that is something I really should do for planting and gardening! I really need to be better!
    But I don’t smoke either, so that’s a plus, LOL

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Chocolaterunsjudy says:

    Even though I have no kids, I figure if we don’t take care of it, who knows what it will be like as we get older? So I’ve always been into all that sort of stuff.

    Not that I’m perfect, by any means. We stayed at an airbnb in VT for my half and let’s just say they were obsessive about it!

    Liked by 2 people

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