Weekly Wrap….well more like a montly wrap

Happy Monday All!!!  How the heck has everyone been? Sorry for being a bit MIA, but I think I have rebounded and back to regular scheduled programming of life and blogging.

It has been FOREVER since I have checking on on my girls, Tricia and Holly and all the other bloggers sharing their Weekly Wrap on the link up hosted by Holly and Tricia, so I thought I would check in and participate today to get me back the regular swing of things.


This will be more like a few weeks wrap. I hope not to bore you and make this too long.

Can you believe May is next week! Like no really, I can’t handle the way time is flying!

Let’s take a quick look at how my March finished and April began.


I finished off March completing the 6 week training program by Ashley Horner.  The Charlie Mike program pushed me sooooooooooooooooo far outside my comfort zone in terms of heavy lifting.  The final numbers really impressed me and I felt extremely proud of the hard work and results.  You can read more about it here…let me know your thoughts.

Week 1           Week 6        Week 1       Week 6         Week 1         Week 6

I enjoyed this program so much, I purchased a 12 week training program from her.    This one is a home workout and uses HIIT, metabolic training and weight training.  I am excited to see the results I get from this one.


April began with the last of my long mileage races for a while.  I ran and completed the Philly Hot Chocolate 15k. It was rainy and cold but I got it done and shared the day with my girlfriend and my sole sistahs!


You couldn’t tell we were cold & miserable!


We jumped for joy at the top of the ‘Rocky’ steps!

I have to say, I think the 15k may be my favorite race distance….just long enough to train for but not too long.  We will see if more 15k wind up on the race schedule in the future….the knee will determine that.

After a week of rest and recovery after the Hot Chocolate, I began the purchased Ashley Horner  12 week training program and track work with the Luna Chix.

This workout has been a mental challenge for me.  I usually workout between 45-1hr but mostly closer to 45 min.  The workouts in this program are 1hr to 1hr and 30 min. This is quite a change and I have been struggling to push through and complete the workouts.  I have decided that I will set my stop alarm at 7:15 and where ever I am in the workout is where I will stop.  I will continue to push through focused on a strong effort and form.

Week 1:

I completed 4 of the 5 workouts

Week 2:

I completed 4 of the 5 workout

I started Week 3 today and have it scheduled to complete all 5 workouts this week.  We will see how the execution of the plan goes 😉

We are into week 3 of  Luna Chix  track workouts and things are going great.  I am slowly loosing the jitters of being the track workout lead and enjoy seeing new people come to the workouts each week.

1st luna track

It is good to have a familiar face and friend as a team mate…..

Swimming is going well. I finished my 2nd 6 weeks of swim lessons and now have to get the nerve to go to the pool by myself and swim laps….I’ll keep you posted on that.


PT-I have begun PT for my knee.  I know, it has only taken me FOREVER!!! I am in week 3 of 6. I go twice a week and am working on right glute firing and IT band elasticity. I hate every minute of it…lol but I know it is what I need.

All in all, things are going well and I am looking forward to the rest of my weight training, track workouts, and adding biking and swimming to my workouts. The road to Triathlete officially begins in late June with a pre-training in late May.

What have you been up to?

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15 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap….well more like a montly wrap

  1. HoHo Runs says:

    Hey, Tamieka! We missed you! I see you’ve been very busy! Congrats on finishing two 6 weeks rounds of swimming lessons. I think you’ll get great results from going to PT. It’s one of the best decisions I ever made. It’s wonderful you are leading the Luna Chix track workouts! I’ve never even run on a track before. Thanks for linking with us!


  2. Tricia@MissSippiPiddlin.com says:

    Glad to have you back Tamieka. I can’t say much, I’m struggling to post regular too except for our Weekly Wrap. We’ve both been busy. Great job on finishing your 6 week training program! Wow you can tell a difference. I bet even more in your strength!!! One day I’m gonna get a picture on top of the Rocky Steps too. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Kimberly Hatting says:

    Bravo to you!! I’d like to do a tri someday…but the swimming (YUCK). I can swim (if I had to save myself), but have no clue on proper stroke, etc. Putting me in an open-water setting with hundreds of arms and legs batting at me would put me into a major panic attack. So for now, I’m procrastinating and pursuing other goals…like ultras 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    • fitballingrunningmom says:

      Yeah…I am really nervous about the open water swim. I signed up in the novice group so hopefully, it won’t be to bad. I have enjoyed learning proper strokes but it sure is hard after making it up for so many years…lol.

      Ultras….you go girl!


  4. Chocolaterunsjudy says:

    90 minutes of ST? Too much!

    I don’t mind my PT, but I didn’t have to do as much (I’m still doing the exercises, but not as frequently during the day) — what I didn’t like was how much time they added onto my day!

    Have you tried a sports massage? I wonder if that would help at all? I’m a convert!

    Liked by 1 person

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