Hi-Five Friday….celebrating what’s good!


Wait…..is this right….this is the last Friday of April…..I can’t! This year is really flying by! Wowsers!!


It has been FOREVER since I linked up with Angela over at Happy Fit Mama for Hi Five Friday! I am in the need of celebrating the victories so this Friday link up is just what I need!!


A little into me brain right now…..I am feeling stressed and my usual working out/running is not helping right now.  I won’t keep harping about it but I am having a hard to me adjusting to my new weight training program and so what used to relax me is actually stressing me out.  Since reducing my running due to my knee issues, I am only running 1 day a week and that is a group run/activity, so the alone time/clear my head time/stress release time I used to get while running is now non-existent.

Do you see why I need Hi-Five Friday in my life right now!!! I need to focus on the positive and what is going well to bring me off the edge!!

5 things that are bringing me joy and deserve a Hi-5 this week:

  1.  I have a new office space and location!  It is a brand new building and I love my office!!  It has huge windows that allows for light and sunshine and the view is pretty nice!


2.  Right up the street (in walking distance) is Duck Donuts and my son and I went to try it out for the 1st time this week.  He was a fan…me, it didn’t grab me this 1st time…I might a need a few more visits to see if I really like them.

duck donuts

3. Although my son’s bday was at the beginning of the month, we have been celebrating all month!!! We topped of the bday month celebration with a bday party at school.

ae bday school'

4. This week, I got to go with my dad to see the short film presentation of Redemption Song. a story about the Howard University  1971-74 Men’s Soccer Team, the only Historically Black University to win a NCAA National Championship.  My dad was a member of that team. It was a proud moment for him and for me.

redemption song

5. Today was my daughter’s Kindergarten orientation day. She was so excited!! She ran from the house all the way to the school (about .25mi). If you have been reading my blog, you know that my daughter is NOT a runner AT ALL!!! I may have to tell her every race finish line is Kindergarten…lol!!!

maddy k



My son has a best friend…..he really enjoys this kid. They eat lunch together, play together and when possible work together in class.  Seeing them interact with each other is really sweet. they are hilarious together and I love to see the smile and hear the laughter when they are together.  I hope they will be in the same class next year.


Do you have anything to Hi-5 today? Make sure to add it to the link up and tell us about it!

I hope you are able to celebrate your victories today!

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5 thoughts on “Hi-Five Friday….celebrating what’s good!

  1. Run Wright says:

    So many wonderful moments here, Tamieka. I love the office – a room with a view. Nice digs! And your dad is part of history. That’s means you’re a celebrity! Lol at having to go to the donut shop a few more times just to decide if you like it.
    I’d give you a high five for everything. I hope you have another great week my dear.

    Liked by 1 person

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