Feelings of loss….. plus a PT review

Happy Tuesday everyone!! Sorry I have been a bit MIA recently ( I feel like I have been saying that a lot recently). Last week was a little tough for me emotionally and I just needed a little break.  Last week on May 27th it would have been my childhood best friend Joy's 43th birthday. … Continue reading Feelings of loss….. plus a PT review

Thursday Throwdown…Who/What Motivates Me?

Motivation can come from anywhere…yourself, your environment, your family, your friends…look around and motivation can be everywhere! Today on Throwdown Thursday (TT), Sarah, Lex and I want to know: who/what motivates you? mo·ti·vate verb provide (someone) with a motive for doing something.   Who motivates me: Myself I have to say my 1st and #1 … Continue reading Thursday Throwdown…Who/What Motivates Me?

WW-Be Encouraged!

I am encouraged every day by love, laughter, kindness, respect and joy!! For the most part, I cansay most days that I feel encouraged and am encouraging everyday!   A few WW ago, I shared with you my desire and efforts to be gracious always! I feel pretty much the same way when it comes to being encouraging and encouragement. … Continue reading WW-Be Encouraged!

TOTR: One and done….???

What a great prompt today on TOTR! I’m linking up today with MCM Mama Runs, Marcia’s Healthy Slice, and My No Guilt Life for the Tuesdays on the Run linkup to answer that question...Do you repeat races or are you one and done? For me is all depends. One and done: I initially  wanted to join and be a member … Continue reading TOTR: One and done….???

Wrapping up….

Happy Monday All!!! It has been almost a month since I have linked up with my girls, Tricia and Holly and all the other bloggers sharing their Weekly Wrap on their link up. I am having a hard time getting myself together and blogging on Mondays. I have come to realize though, that just like working out, … Continue reading Wrapping up….

Soleful Saturday…..Congrats MJ!

Happy Saturday all!! On Saturdays, I usually post about something running related. Seeing that I am not doing much running lately, I am finding writing about running a little more challenging. With that, I am thinking about a little change to Soleful Saturdays....to be continued.....   I thought I would pop in and share with … Continue reading Soleful Saturday…..Congrats MJ!

WW-Daily Dilemmas

Another wet, dry and blah day here in the DC area. I am sooooo over this weather. Mother's day was lovely with temps in the 70s and plenty of sunshine!!! I guess Mother Nature knew how important that day was 😉 Joining Deb for today’s Wednesday Word Today’s word: Dilemma  di·lem·ma noun a situation in which a … Continue reading WW-Daily Dilemmas

March/April 2016 Goal Check In

Happy Tuesday All!   Wait....how is it May already and how did I miss both March and April Goal check -ins...uuugh!! The whole point for posting my goals is to hold myself accountable with monthly check ins....get it together Tamieka!! Well here we are in the 2nd week of May so let's get to it … Continue reading March/April 2016 Goal Check In

Ultimate Coffee on this Soleful Saturday -May 2016

Happy Saturday All!! Usually on Saturday's I would share something with you on Soleful Saturday but it is the 1st Saturday of the Month, so that means that it is time for us to share coffee together and chit-chat. If you don’t know, on the 1st Saturday of the month, we come together and have … Continue reading Ultimate Coffee on this Soleful Saturday -May 2016

I am in physical therapy.. finally!!

So I have finally done it ya'll. I have started PT! It has only been a year since my Orthopedic Surgeon recommended it...but better late than never...right? My initial consultation began with the typical intake with general health/surgery questions along with some poking and prooding.  The initial diagnosis: weak glutes and hamstrings. Treatment: 2 sessions … Continue reading I am in physical therapy.. finally!!