I am in physical therapy.. finally!!

So I have finally done it ya’ll. I have started PT!

It has only been a year since my Orthopedic Surgeon recommended it…but better late than never…right?

My initial consultation began with the typical intake with general health/surgery questions along with some poking and prooding. 

The initial diagnosis: weak glutes and hamstrings.

Treatment: 2 sessions a week of stretches and strengthening

A few of my stretches and strengthening excercises:
-Glute Bridge with Leg Extension
-Glute tightening
-Weighted leg raises (front, side, back)
-Side steps with resistance band

2 weeks into therapy and I was having difficulty straightening my leg, getting full range of motion and general pain in my knee cap, patella and hip.  After re-evaluation, it became evident that another issue I was having was that my IT band was extremely tight.

Additional treatment:
-Massage ( LAWD does it hurt so good!)
-Lying leg cross over
-Cross Over leg stretch

At home work:
-Foam roll…uuugh
-Icing of the IT Band

Overall, things are going well. Having someone to hold me accoutable and to push me to do my work, is extremely helpful. I will have a 30 day evaluation done soon to determine next steps.

In the meantime, it’s follow the PT directions and do my homework! 

For real for real, I  really need to find a massage therapist to massage out my IT Band  for me at least twice a week!!

Have you ever done PT? Do you think that it helped?

10 thoughts on “I am in physical therapy.. finally!!

  1. Karen @ Fit in France says:

    I have never done PT but the sports massage I had in the middle of marathon training was not only amazing, but was so effective. PT has helped most people I know as long as you faithfully do the prescribed exercises. Hang in there !

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  2. Emma @ myfullfatlife says:

    Hi Tamieka,
    Glad you are going to PT! I have been going for a knee injury. I seriously swear by it. There is no way I would be running happy and pain-free had I not gone. PT definitely will make you stronger and healthier, and it’s nice to have a professional show you how you are compensating for weak muscles with others. I was a really quad-dominant runner, and didn’t even realize my glutes were weak.
    I also recommend stretching your hip flexors. Runners seem to get tight hips.

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    • fitballingrunningmom says:

      Glad to know PT is working for you. I am enjoying it and feeling my knee benefit from it too….and I love the massages of the ITB!

      Hip flexor stretches! Thanks for the reminder.

      Speedy recovery fellow knee injured runner šŸ˜‰


  3. Chocolaterunsjudy says:

    I think PT helped me tremendously. I was just glancing through the latest issue of RW & it had some stuff in it that made me think of you, something about things that are good for osteoarthritis which I can’t actually think of at the moment.

    Sports massage helped a lot. Chiro didn’t initially, but the last one really did!

    I do a lot of those same exercise, not so much weak glutes, but IT issues and they’re good for IT issues too.

    I hope that they help you!

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