Wrapping up….

Happy Monday All!!!

It has been almost a month since I have linked up with my girls, Tricia and Holly and all the other bloggers sharing their Weekly Wrap on their link up.


I am having a hard time getting myself together and blogging on Mondays. I have come to realize though, that just like working out, if I do it on a Monday, it propels me into being more active during the week. So here is to a productive week of blogging….we will see 😉

Last week was actually a very slow workout week for me.  The 3 weeks of rainy and cloudy weather really started to take a toll on me and each day it got harder and harder to get out of bed when the alarm went off. Going through some hormonal ‘time of the month’ challenges didn’t help either.

The Plan:

-Start week 5 of my weight training program which includes 5 days of weight lifting

Monday-Workout 1

Tuesday-Workout 2

Wednesday-Workout 3

Thursday-Active Rest Day

Friday-Workout 4+ yoga

Saturday-Workout 5

Sunday: Rest Day

What happened:

-Monday: Workout 1 of weight training program

week 5 bb

-Tuesday:-Rest Day

-Wednesday-Rest Day

week 5 bb rest day

yes that is a child on my back…gotta love these mornings #makingmemories



week 5 bb yoga

-Saturday-Rest Day…I did get in over 14,000 steps at the mall…does that count as a workout!

-Sunday: Football…we won our game 😉

Since week 5 didn’t quite go as planned, I plan to re do week 5 this week.

Started off well with a complete workout toady….let’s see how the rest of the week goes.

In other news, with the sun finally shining, we were finally able to plant the Zinnia plants my dad gave us during our Easter visit. I do not have a green thumb, so hopefully they survive the transplant….I will keep you all posted.


Did you read my Soleful Saturday post? We are still on a high 😉

And as Holly always says……THAT’S a WRAP!!!

How was your workout week? Do you ever find that you need to just start over?

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15 thoughts on “Wrapping up….

  1. HoHo Runs says:

    Umm…I have trouble with Mondays. Period. I haven’t planted as much as I usually do. Because, then you have to water it. I don’t like that part and I end up usually bribing a kid. I don’t know about you, but cloudy gloomy weather just saps my energy and motivation! I struggle greatly with that. I need the sunshine. Isn’t it wonderful we can DO OVER any week we want? The power is all ours. Thanks for linking with us Tamieka!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Emily @ Out and About says:

    I have trouble blogging on Mondays, too! Yay for 5 days of weight-lifting – you are going to see some killer results from all those strong efforts! I don’t have a green thumb by any stretch of the imagination, too. I tried growing some herbs on my balcony and sadly they didn’t last very long. I hope your Zinnias live long and prosper!

    Liked by 1 person

    • fitballingrunningmom says:

      I am going to really try to get the Monday blogging into a habit. It is such a good way to wrap up the past week and plan for the next…work in progress 😉

      The training I am doing is killer and I your right if I do what I am suppose to and control this sweet tooth that is kicking my butt, I should have great results….we will see

      Got home yesterday and half of them were dead ;(…..we tried watering them in hopes of revitalization and it is raining today so so hopefully that will help…we will see….


  3. Kimberly Hatting says:

    Yes, we all need/want a start-over sometimes. That’s one of the reasons I have my #nevermissaMonday thing…just a 1-mile commitment. If I can go further, great! If not (because I’m usually recovering from a long run over the weekend), I’m good with that, too. I planted Zinnias yesterday, too…but from seed. Hoping they all come to life!

    Liked by 1 person

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