WW-Be Encouraged!

I am encouraged every day by love, laughter, kindness, respect and joy!!
For the most part, I cansay most days that I feel encouraged and am encouraging everyday!
A few WW ago, I shared with you my desire and efforts to be gracious always! I feel pretty much the same way when it comes to being encouraging and encouragement. I find that most people will say I CAN’T quicker than they say I CAN.  There is a line in the newer version of Annie where she says, “I think when people say no, they’re really afraid of saying yes.” What wonderful way to discourage fear and encourage YES.
At our house whenever any of us say ‘I can’t’, you will quickly here someone echo….’Thomassons don’t say can’t!’ That’s right, can’t is not in our vocabulary. Could it be hard…absolutely! Could we need help….most definitely! Could we try and fail….for sure! Will that  stop us….NO WAY…why because we are encouraged!!! We encourage each other to try and do our best always!
Over the past 2 weeks both of my children have learned to ride their bikes without training wheels.  My son has been wanting to for so long and even with my motherly  ‘you can do it!’encouragement, he was not ready to.  On Mother’s Day, my best gift was him being encouraged to go for it and with loads of encouragement ( a few falls and scrapes…)…..he got it!!!! By the afternoon, he was riding, turning corners, and going down hills!!! BEST MOTHER’S DAY EVER!!!
Earlier this week on Monday, the sun was shining when we got home and with looming rain and clouds for the rest of the week, we decided it was a good day to get out on the bikes again.  With little to no encouragement, my son, hopped on and was off!  My daughter (in usual fashion), saw my son and wanted to do what he was doing. Did I discourage her and say…’you are smaller, younger and just not ready to ride without your training wheels’ NO!  In my best mother encouragement voice (although I was scared out of my mind!)…I said ‘LET’S DO IT!!!’ Just like her brother, she was encouraged to go for it and with loads of encouragement (a few falls and scrapes…)…..she got it!!!! The whole time her brother was so  encouraging, providing her with advise and strategies. It was so beautiful!!
Within an hour, she was riding, turning corners, and going up hills unassisted!!!
The video is not loading….but if you head over to IG, you will find it there!
Can you tell what Deb chose for today’s Wednesday Word?


Today’s word:   Encourage

  1. give support, confidence, or hope to (someone).

I love how easy it can be to offer encouragement without a ton of fuss or money! Just a few minutes of your time, and the rewards are that you have to potential to change someone’s No to YES or I can’t to I CAN!

encourage 2

Encouragement is valuable everyday and in everything we do. It gives us the spirit and the energy and most importantly the self-confidence to tackle all things big and small!

Are you encouragegd today? Did you encourage someone today? Who encourages you?

I encourage you to come by tomorrow and join me, Alexis (Lex) and Sarah for Thursday Throwdown!  Will you join us?Thursday Throwdown

We are still talking about Motivation….On Thursday, share with us who motivates you?

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24 thoughts on “WW-Be Encouraged!

  1. Michelle @ Running with Attitude says:

    I love your kids supporting each other! We don’t say Can’t in our house either – so important for kids to learn early on to always give it their best and not fear failing.

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