WW…Delirious with excitement

The word delirous has two definitions. Seeing that I am talking about vacation shenanigans,  it would suffice to say that my post will be more on the discussion to the second (highlighted) definition! ! de·lir·i·ous -adjective *in an acutely disturbed state of mind resulting from illness or intoxication and characterized by restlessness, illusions, and incoherence … Continue reading WW…Delirious with excitement

Thursday Throwdown #8-Favorite Summer Activities

Thursday's on the blog and it is time for the  Throwdown Thursday with me, Lex, Sarah!     We are still talking about Summer and today we are talking about Favorite Summer Activities. I love love love the warm weather and the sunshine and use every moment to get in the sun (of course with sun-screen). My … Continue reading Thursday Throwdown #8-Favorite Summer Activities

WW-Tri-ing not to get lost

Happy Wednesday All. How is your week going?  I am recovering from my feelings about my inconsistencies and getting my mind ready for a fun girls trip to Costa Rica and the beginning of my Triathlon training. As I have been preparing to start my triathlon training, I have been tri-ing really hard not to … Continue reading WW-Tri-ing not to get lost


Happy Monday everyone!!   I hope everyone had a a great weekend...mine flew by as usual! Saturday: Run for Roses 5k with MCRRC Sunday: Lovely Father's Day with hubby and dad with lots of hugs, love and BBQ.   Ok let's get into it. I have been slacking on my training.  Yes, I have been … Continue reading Inconsistency….

Throwdown Thursday #7- What are you wearing this summer? (Co-Host)

Yup yup, It’s Thursday…if you have been following my blog, you know that Thursdays on the blog is Throwdown Thursday This month’s theme is SUMMER!! This month we are talking all things summer and today  Lex, Sarah and I want to know what is your must have summer gear. My Must Haves: Sunscreen: Yes, black people need … Continue reading Throwdown Thursday #7- What are you wearing this summer? (Co-Host)

WW..I will tell you later….

  I am the queen of procrastination! When I travel: I have the mental picture of what I am going to wear, what shoes I am going to wear, etc. and have every plan and intention to pack well in advance but it never fails, I am up the night before into the wee hours … Continue reading WW..I will tell you later….

Weekly Wrap-Week of June 6th

It's Monday! Happy Monday!!     Linking up with my girls, Tricia and Holly and all the other bloggers sharing their Weekly Wrap. Monday: Week 7 of my weight training program-Lower Body Tuesday: Week 7 of my weight training program-Upper  Body Wednesday: Week 7 of my weight training program-Active Rest Day @ the pool I did 26 lengths … Continue reading Weekly Wrap-Week of June 6th

Thursday Throwdown #6-Summer Vacation Plans (co-host)

Hey Hey, it’s Thursday Throwdown on the blog!! This month’s theme is SUMMER!! Today is officially, the last day of Spring and the perfect time to start thinking about summer vacation! Today Lex, Sarah and I are asking you to share your summer vacation plans. This summer, I had every thought to plan a monthly … Continue reading Thursday Throwdown #6-Summer Vacation Plans (co-host)

WW-Consistency: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Is this DeJa Vu? When I saw Deb's  Wednesday's Word, I remembered that I have written before using Wednesday's Word about a year ago when I was going through the same kind of slump....hmmmm is this a consistent pattern for me? It is too often that Deb's Wednesday Word and my life are pretty much mirroring … Continue reading WW-Consistency: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly