Thursday Throwdown #6-Summer Vacation Plans (co-host)

Hey Hey, it’s Thursday Throwdown on the blog!!


This month’s theme is SUMMER!!

Today is officially, the last day of Spring and the perfect time to start thinking about summer vacation!

Today Lex, Sarah and I are asking you to share your summer vacation plans.


This summer, I had every thought to plan a monthly weekend family vacation some where close enough that we could drive to. Well those plans got 86ed when my daughter got invited to join the competitive gymnastics team which has her at the gym for 9 hrs a week, training Mon/Wed evenings and Saturday mornings.  So weekends away will impact her training and so I have had to make a few adjustments to my plans.  No worries because, we will  add some day trips which could save us money and travel time…so it’s all good!

For day trips, as of right now, I am thinking about we can have fun, enjoy each others compnay and just enjoy the days of summer!

Did you know that this year the National Park Services turn 100!!! Throughout the summer, we will surely find ways to celebrate the 100th birthday of the National Park Service!!

In addition here are a few places, I am hoping we can make it to this Summer:

I think the summer with the family will be a fun one!!


Personally, I am counting down to my sister’s end of her 40th year birthday trip.  In a few weeks, 6 of us we will be chilling and lounging by the pool in the rain forest in Costa Rica. When I say that I am EXCITED …that would be an understatement!!

girls getaway

5 days and 5 nights with my girls! We always have a blast together. Remember when I shared with you the shenanigans I often get into….yup it’s with these same ladies!!  The amount of fun we are going to have is indescribable.

We are a little bummed because a few of our activities we will not be able to do because of my sister breaking her arm.  She will have some limited mobility and not able to get her arm wet. We initially had a few day trips of hiking, horse back riding, white water rafting and paddle boating planned. I am confident that we will figure it all out in the end.

Either way, we will have a blast and have stories, memories, video and pictures for days of lots of beach laying, pool lounging and of course alcohol consumption (we may or may not be carrying down a suitcase full of alcohol)


Right now, we have one football tournament planned for mid-July.  That is not really a vacation but I will be out of the state, so that counts right?

I am so looking forward to summer!!  Are you?

What are your planes for the summer? Any vacations planned?

Share them with us!

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8 thoughts on “Thursday Throwdown #6-Summer Vacation Plans (co-host)

  1. mkadens1 says:

    Costa Rica will be amazing! I was there many years ago and it is so beautiful. We’ll be celebrating my hubby’s birthday and 4th of July in North Carolina with his parents then I’ve got a trip to Ireland planned in August for RnRDublin. I do need to come up with smaller weekend things to do before summer slips away.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. MB Jackson says:

    Fun summer plans! I love little day trips- makes the summer fly by and you can vacation in your own state! Costa Rica, well, well, won’t that be the adventure! #jealous!

    Liked by 1 person

    • fitballingrunningmom says:


      She is loving it so far…I was concerned about the up in practice hrs but she is taking it in so well 😉

      I hope to get there. I know in the summer months it is so crowded but it is on the summer bucket list for sure 😉


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