Throwdown Thursday #7- What are you wearing this summer? (Co-Host)

Yup yup, It’s Thursday…if you have been following my blog, you know that Thursdays on the blog is Throwdown Thursday


This month’s theme is SUMMER!!

This month we are talking all things summer and today  LexSarah and I want to know what is your must have summer gear.

My Must Haves:

Sunscreen: Yes, black people need sunscreen!! I burn so easily especially with my freckles. I have learned the hard way….never again.


Sun glasses: I hate to squint and I hate the wrinkles that it causes in my forehead, so yup I have to have my sun glasses.

aviator sunglasses.jpg


Fedora: My kids picked this out for me last summer.  I usually don’t wear hats because I have a tiny pea head but this actually looks pretty good on me.




Tank tops: Sun is out…guns are out….you bet I am wearing tanks whenever I can!


New Balance 860(brand): As a Zooma ambassador, they supported us with our training with these lovely shoes.  These are the support shoe and they are super comfortable and light. I love them.



Well now that I am getting into Triathlons, I need my Tri gear-right?:

Helmet: check

Sunglasses: check

Cycling tops: check

Cycling Pants: check

Swimsuit: check, check, check


What are you wearing this summer? Any new trends and outfits?

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8 thoughts on “Throwdown Thursday #7- What are you wearing this summer? (Co-Host)

    • fitballingrunningmom says:

      NO worries! I need to do better at promotion of the link-up…gotta get better!

      What is your go to tri gear?

      Next running race is this weekend Montgomery County Run for Roses on Sat.

      1st tri not until Sept (Savage Man 20.0)

      I want to get out to a few tris before I race so I can get the real feel for the event.


  1. Emily @ Out and About says:

    Those New Balance shoes are beautiful! Yes all the way on sunscreen (learned that the hard way), tank tops, hats, and sunglasses. I also appreciate that sunglasses can make you look polished even if you don’t feel polished at all! Hats are also great to cover up the hair when it’s not having it’s best day, LOL.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Kimberly Hatting says:

    OOPS…I totally missed the link-up (again).

    Sunglasses are definitely a must-have. I have very dry skin (#wrinkleprone), and I’m fighting the aging process as best I can…so I’m almost always in sunglasses. My eyes are also very sensitive, so the shades prevent any excess tearing-up and/or irritation from the “elements.” I’m also a tank-top gal, even if I have to wear arm sleeves on a cool morning…I prefer a tank and sleeves to a full shirt.

    Liked by 1 person

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