Summer in Review through Pictures

And just like that....summer is over and as of 10:21 am EST today (September 22,2016) Fall had begun! Every summer, it feels like it just goes by so quickly. I had talked about the plans that I had or had hoped to do with the family this summer.  Although not all of it happened as planned, … Continue reading Summer in Review through Pictures

WW-What I ACCOMPLISHed during my blog break!

Happy Wednesday All!!! I'm back!!! How the heck has everyone been??!!??!! Missed me? I am excited to be back writing, reading and sharing with you all! What a great day to come back and link up with my favorite word-smith blogger friend Deb’s  for Wednesday’s Word! Today's word is ACCOMPLISH! Before my blog break, I was just beginning … Continue reading WW-What I ACCOMPLISHed during my blog break!