Happy Birthday MJ

Happy Friday all!!!

Today should be a  National holiday as it is my daughter’s birthday! 

Happy 6th Birthday MJ!

I am so blessed to call this little girl my daughter and that God choose me to be her mom!!

When I was pregnant, we didn’t find out what we were having so to be suprised at the birth. On the delivery table, I totally started freaking out when I started to think …..OMG what if I have a girl!! Lol!!  Sure enough there she was!!! 

Funny story-Since we weren’t sure what we were having, we had a list of names ready. We were in agreement on a boys name although I don’t remember what it was now but we were undecided on a girl’s name. After she was born and while they were cleaning her up, we literally flipped a coin to choose her name….I won the coin toss!!! 

This little girl has taught me so much about love, kindness, joy and happiness! 

She is smart, strong, kind, and so compassionate! 

She reminds me everyday to smile and that she loves me! 

Her smile lights up a room and is so contagious!

She is an awesome little sister who looks up to and after her brother. 

I could go on and on and on about this little girl I tell ya! 

Happy birthday MJ- Thanks for being so awesome and such a joy! 

I love you to the moon and back! 

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