WW…my attitude is such a Nuisance right now!

  1. a person, thing, or circumstance causing inconvenience or annoyance.

Ok this is getting ridiculous!!  I am sick of it and of myself but just not able to get my –  -ish together!!!! I really can’t figure out what gives.

Let me back up a bit…….

This year, I have been really good at working out consistently and setting attainable fitness goals. In late summer, I got a bit turned off by the training program that I was doing because the workouts were taking too freaking long.  I ditched it and looked forward to my Triathlon training.  Throughout my triathlon training, I did pretty well of following the training and was motivated to complete the workout.

Fast forward to now….it has been almost 6 weeks since my Triathlon and I can count on one hand the amount of times I have worked out.

Talk about NUISANCE!!!

Seeing and feeling that I was being sidetracked, I made a commitment to myself to get back at it and set a goal for October to increase workouts with hopes of reducing some inches and losing some pounds…..yeah not so much!!!

Talk about NUISANCE!!!

I have increased in weight…..back up to where I was prior to Triathlon training and added inches that I haven’t seen in a while ;(

Talk about NUISANCE!!!

I am having a hard time fitting into my clothes and feeling confident in my skin.

Talk about NUISANCE!!!

I really need an attitude adjustment to help me to finish out 2016 strong!  I can’t keep letting my attitude keep my down and out.

I hope this is not coming off as vain in any way because it is far from that. My fitness goals and desires are far from vanity.

My fitness has always supported my mental health wellness and I am feeling a bit out of sorts and emotionally fragile and I know that my lack of fitness ‘therapy’ has plenty to do with it.

I need to get it together so I can get back to being a good wife, mother , daughter, sibling and friend.  Right now-I am a nuisance because my emotions are all over the place. I don’t even want to be around myself….lol….funny but not funny.

Here’s to a soon to be new month  with expectations of kicking this nuisance of an lackadaisical attitude!!

It’s Wednesday so that means  Wednesday’s Word with my favorite word-smith blogger friend Deb’s!

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21 thoughts on “WW…my attitude is such a Nuisance right now!

  1. Debbie @ Deb Runs says:

    Oh, you are so right – fitness supports mental health wellness for all us runners! Here’s to getting your attitude back on track!

    Even though I’m late in reading your last week’s Wednesday Word post, I’m grateful that you linked up!

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  2. Run Wright says:

    it took me gaining a few to realize what it really means to struggle with weight. It’s not vanity at all. It can be total discomfort when your clothes don’t fit right and things jiggle that used to stay firm. But I know you got a lot of muscle on that hot mama bod so I’m not worried about you. You’ll be back to ship shape in no time.

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  3. laurenruns says:

    Sometimes it’s hard to get back into a routine after you hit a big goal! I try to have another goal in mind, even if it’s just “try a plank challenge” to try and keep somewhat active post milestone!

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  4. Coco says:

    It’s so hard when you feel like you can’t get back on track. I’ve been struggling but doing “hell week” at Orange Theory Fitness this week has kicked my a$$ back into gear. As long as you keep trying, you will be better off than if you just gave up!

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  5. Chocolaterunsjudy says:

    Doesn’t come across at all vain. People who have never struggled with their weight don’t really get it, but you know I have, and I do.

    I’m training through the winter for a spring half (I don’t usually do that), and I am really hoping that that might put the kabosh on the winter weight gain. Probably not. Maybe it will hold it down to a reasonable level.

    I really enjoy http://purelytwins.com/. The workouts are short, but intense and very effective. There’s a bootcamp (under the fitness tab) for just $30. I joined the “sisterhood” for just the workouts, which is only $10/mth.

    Of course you can also just check out their youtube channel! And I know you already know about bettyrocker.com — her workouts are also relatively short.

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  6. Kimberly Hatting says:

    Sending a big virtual hug through the cyber network to you. Hang in there, you know you can do this! If you’re looking to lose inches, do some planks…..I swear, forearm side planks are the best “fluff” burner. I feel the burn on my inner thighs and hips the most, as well my bum. Last November I did a planking challenge…and I think I’m gonna do it again this year. Care to join me? #staytuned 😉

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  7. Jenn @ Run With Sole says:

    I hear you loud and clear!! After taking some time off, I am not feeling like myself either. It happens so quickly too. As soon as I get out of the routine, I feel that depression creeping in. Just take it one day at a time. You will get back into your routine!

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