Hi Blog Hoppers!!!

If you are visiting me for the first time through the Blog Hop, WELCOME WELCOME WELCOME!!! I am so glad you are here! I hope you will hang around for a while and follow in my adventures as a FIT BALLING RUNNING MOM!

I hope you stopped by my About me page to find out WHO IS FITBALLING RUNNING MOM.

Feel free to read my other Blog Hop spotlight posts:


Yes, as you can tell  I have participated in Kristy’s Blog Hops before and LOVE THEM!!!

So much fun!



For my last spotlight posts, I followed a certain format that took through the FIT-BALLING-RUNNING-MOM. I really liked that format, so I hope you will indulge and let me share a few more things about me that make up FIT BALLING RUNNING MOM!


I have been on a recommitment to a fit and healthy lifestyle since 2013.  When I think back on the many ways that I have worked to be fit, I am amazed at the number of programs that I used. If memory serves me right over the past 3 years, I have used:

  • My fitness pal: when I first started my weight loss journey, counting calories and working out (cardio and weight training) worked so well for me. 6 months in the weight loss came to a screeching halt!!  So it was time to try something new
  • Body For Life: A 12-week nutrition and exercise program.  This program focused on the types of food I was eating and increased weight training with reduced cardio. I had great success with this program.  I began to understand how the types of food I ate support my workouts and overall health.  The increase in weight training, significantly changed my physique and I really liked it.
  • Herbalife:  A global nutrition and weight management company.  When my schedule got a little hectic and I was having trouble preparing meals, a friend of mine introduced me to Herbalife and their meal replacement products.  I enjoyed the change up and found that using these products along with continued workout, helped to move the scale a bit and continued to help me reduce inches.
  • Whole 30: A short-term nutritional reset, designed to help you put an end to unhealthy cravings and habits, restore a healthy metabolism, heal your digestive tract, and balance your immune system. I started this program because I felt like I was eating too much sugar and was having some serious bloating issues and I thought this could be a good reset for me.  I did this program while I was training for a half marathon and in hindsight, for me I would not combine the 2.  I lost plenty of weight and inches but I actually got a bit too this and lost plenty of muscle tone. I love my muscle tone! I will likely do this program again to do a CTRL-ALT-DEL but will make sure to limit the cardio this time.
  • Make Fat Cry with Betty Rocker & ZWOW/Z-Gym with Zuzka Tabata workouts. I really do love these! Shortbut intense as all get out!
  • Jillian Michaels….my women crush forever!!!
  • Ashley Horner- Charlie Mike….Charlie Mike is a 6-week hardcore training program that will help you build muscle, burn fat, and turn your body into an amazing athletic machine! I loved this program too! It got me lifting crazy heavy weights and incorporated HIIT. I will be doing this program again in November.

Wowsers…are you an exhausted after reading all of that!!! LOL!

Clearly I love trying new things and really do enjoy switching it up a bit to confuse the body 😉 and keep me motivated!



I am a contact flag football player. I play on a all women’s team. This never gets old to share and talk about.


Yup that’s me HOT MAMA #1

I am a pretty aggressive player who has been given the nickname ‘tackles’..lol!!

I typically play defense (corner and line backer) and sometimes receiver.

I am a great flag puller….


the Go-Go gadget arms help 😉


I keep saying that my days are number…I am getting too old for this….but I love it so much and just can’t seem to hang my cleats up yet 😉

After we win our next National Championship (we have 3 so far!)…..maybe then I will retire….we will see!


Since being diagnosed with sever arthritis in my knee, my running has decreased significantly. 2015 was an amazing running year for me with the support of cortizone shots 4 times in the year.  This year, I  decided to not get any cortizone shots and this has made running a bit more painful thus reducing the amount of running that I am doing.  My goal for running this year is to stay 10k ready.  My only consistent running has been my track workouts with the Team Luna Chix DC, which continue to keep my speed up.



My greatest gifts in my life so far …..being chosen to be these little humans mom!


I have and will probably never love anyone as much as these little ones!

Sorry hubby….they have stolen my heart!


It may sound so cliche but everything I do, I do for them!!

I thank God everyday for these blessings!

sunset kiddies.jpg


I pray that they stay as close as they are now. They love each other so much and it is such a joy to witness!


Well there you have it Blog Hoppers…a quick view into the person who is FIT BALLING RUNNING MOM!

I hope you have enjoyed your visit.

Thanks for stopping by!

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41 thoughts on “Hi Blog Hoppers!!!

  1. Amanda Seghetti says:

    Hi, I remember you from a previous hop! 🙂 I think I could’ve listed almost every one of those diet/health programs as well haha. I’ve tried a lot of things in the past – some good, and some not so good. I’m going to start Whole 30 (again) pretty soon. I hope I can stick with it through the holidays!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Jenn @ Run With Sole says:

    Hi there! I know we’ve “met” through previous blog hops and I knew all about you playing flag football but I am still so IMPRESSED by how awesome you are. I love it! And your children are just adorable. I love the picture of them in the elf outfits!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. lazgirlruns says:

    Your kids are so cute! And I think it’s super cool that you play football. It’s my favorite sport to watch for sure! I’ve been intrigued by the whole 30 diet but I’m not sure it would work for me…last time I attempted a detox like that I lost top much weight in three weeks. And I wasn’t even a runner back then!

    Liked by 1 person

    • fitballingrunningmom says:


      I love watching football too! I actually prefer college football but tolerate NFL too…lol!

      I am a fan of wholen30 but surely just for short periods and mindful of the amount of cardio that I am doing for sure!

      Thanks for stopping by 😉


  4. Kathryn @ Dancing to Running says:

    Your children are absolutely adorable. And I’m with you on doing everything for them. My son is only 10 months old, but my outlook on why I do things has completely changed since he became a part of my life. I have to apologize to my husband too, because my son has also stolen my heart.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Missy Boser (@melissajillane) says:

    Your kids are so cute! I am currently doing Whole30 and am really enjoying it (as much as one can). I started it because I started getting lots of migraines and no one could find an answer. I am at the midway point and I haven’t had a migraine since starting. It is the first time since the beginning of July that I have gone more than 6 days without a migraine! However, I cannot imagine doing this while marathon training!

    Liked by 1 person

    • fitballingrunningmom says:


      Yes-i found that the whole 30 help me with bloating, aches and random pains for sure.

      Yes-surely would not recommend while marathon training or any long distance training although they have an entire forum of people who do.

      Good luck! So glad your migraines have subsided.


  6. Run Wright says:

    It’s impossible to read your post and not feel inspired. You make me want to be a better person, T. Thanks for a year of motivation and awesome blog love. You were the first of my blog friends to buy my book and I don’t take your support for granted.
    I love your Hot Mama #1 shirt. Man, if I had a shirt like that, I’d wear it every day. Haha. You’d see me going to church with my hat and hug heels and Hot Mama shirt. Lol.
    So happy to have met you last year and I look forward to another year of friendship.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. runawaybridalplanner says:

    I’ve always thought you were probably one of the fun awesome moms, your kids must love their lives with you as a mom. Your a role model who can kick some butt on the field 🙂 yet you always seem to make plenty of time for those beautiful littles in your life!
    So glad your back to blogging again, and thanks for joining the hop!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Farrah says:

    I love Kristy’s blog hops too! They’re all sorts of awesome! It was great to get to know you better! ❤

    I keep thinking of going back to My Fitness Pal–I was doing way better when I was conscious of all the stuff I was randomly snacking on, but…I need to figure out what my password was (…it's been that long, haha). I like switching stuff up too–those tabata workouts sound fun, and yay for lifting heavy! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  9. laurenruns says:

    Hi Spotlight Partner!! I love this glimpse into your identity! I personally hated flag football when I played in gym class, so I’m glad to see you enjoying it and making it look like so much fun! Definitely a bit different team than a running team/group!

    Liked by 1 person

  10. marissavicario says:

    So nice to meet you through the blog hop! You have an impressive line-up of interests and activities that keep you busy and your kids are just beautiful!

    Liked by 1 person

  11. Powered by BLING (@PoweredbyBLING) says:

    I love all your mom love! They are absolutely adorable and I can feel the fullness of your heart in this post!

    I’ve done Body for Life too – in my college days – Love Bill! Great program and it really helped me get strong. I haven’t heard of the Charlie Mike program, but I just finished reading your other post and went to the site. I’m so doing this! email me, we can be November buddies! I love lifting heavy and have been doing Bill’s workouts intermixed with Bodypump for my strength training. But, I need a change – getting bored. This came at the perfect time so thanks Tamieka!

    Liked by 1 person

  12. mommandy84 says:

    You have a beautiful family. Being a parent has changed me and is pushing me to work harder and reach my goals. I love to read what other fit moms are doing. Looking forward reading more from your blog!

    Liked by 1 person

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