WW-Living a healthly lifestyle is esoteric for sure!

Happy Wednesday all!!!

I had to whip out the SAT dictionary for today’s Wednesday’s Word with Deb!WednesdayWordScrabbleButton

Today’s word: ESOTERIC

  1. intended for or likely to be understood by only a small number of people with a specialized knowledge or interest.

As I have transitioned into a healthier lifestyle, I find that not everyone understands or gets why I am so passionate about living a healthier lifestyle.  What they see is me working out, me making better food choices (most of the time), me committing to a lifestyle with most think or say that I am obsessed about.

What they often don’t know is my why.

Clearly my decision is esoteric and that is ok!

Those who think like me, share my interest, support my decisions and lifestyle are those who I will connect with, share with, gain support from and celebrate successes with and that is AWESOME!!


The choice to consciously live a healthier lifestyle is not for everyone and that is ok but it is the right choice for me!

I find comfort in knowing that those living this lifestyle know that that we all have nusances that throw us off course and I take comfort in the support of that!

I find support in others who think like me and understand me.

I find it exciting that I can say ‘fartlek’, ‘carb loading’, ‘interval training’, ‘tri-training’, ‘weight-training’, ‘BMI’, ‘My Fitness Pal’, ‘Whole 30’, ‘Taper Week’ , ‘HIIT’ and I will not have to explain a thing to this esoteric group!

I take great pride in being esoteric as it pertains to healthy living.

How about you? How would you use the word ESOTERIC?

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