Ultimates  Coffee Date-November 2016

Well hello there….it’s been a while since we have had coffee together and I am so sorry for that 😦 

Thanks for meeting me today…what are you having? In the spirit of Fall, I guess it would only be right to have a pumpkin spice flavored coffee, although I really don’t know if I taste the pumpkin spice but I will still enjoy it! 
If we were having coffee, I would share with you that I am getting my workout mojo back. Last week, I shared with you all how much I was struggling. I was tired of being tired of slacking….so I pushe’d myself to get back on track!!  

I have worked out this week and feel so good! So far this week, I have run, swam, lifted and done yoga! I also have workouts planned for the weekend. 

Back on the mat @extendyoga

If we were having coffee ,  I would let you know that last Thursday was the official last track work out for Team Luna Chix. The Luna Chix team will officially retire….so no more Team Luna Chix. Although I am sad, I am happy that a few of us have decided to develop a Luna Alumni team geared towards multi-sport….more to come about that as it develops.  I have so enjoyed this experience and look forward to the future.

If we were having coffee ,  I would let you know that our annual girls trip is in the works and I am so excited. We will be heading to Turks and Caicos in June with another trip in August as well…whooohooo! 

If we were having coffee, I would let you know that I have already signed up for my 1st triathlon of 2017….Rev3 Westfields! I think this will be a good 1st triathlon for the season with my eye on 2 more ;).
If we were having coffee,  I would let you know that I am so excited that I was selected to be on the Equally Inspiring Team with Tri Equal!!!!  

As a team member, I get 3 FREE months of triathlon training with a certified coach!!! FREE FREE FREE…..whooop whooop!! 

I have been given a coach  already and  have a phone call with her on Monday morning! 

Here is some info about Tri Equal from their website:

What is TriEqual?

TriEqual is a group of women and men dedicated to fairness, progress, and equality in the sport of triathlon. We believe that a four-pronged approach is required to reach true gender equality.

  1. Progress toward equal opportunity for professional women, including equality in the arena of play and equal compensation with regards to prize money, sponsorship and media opportunities.
  2. Progress toward equality in total participation numbers at all levels.
  3. Progress toward increased diversity of race, ethnicity and sexual orientation.
  4. Strong development programs to nurture and advance athletes of all ages and abilities to the next level of performance.

Totally awesome right!! I had totally forgotten that I had applied and was overwhelmed with joy when I got the email earlier this week! 

If we were having coffee ,  I would let you know that this Saturday is my son’s last soccer games for the season. He has done well this season and has adjusted well to the new age group team. 

If we were having coffee ,  I would let you know that I have a 6 yr old!!! Isn’t she lovely!! 

If we were having  coffee ,  I would let you know that she has her 1st in houclse gymnastics meet in 2 weeks and full competition in a month!! I am more nervous than she is!!!

Well I am all finished with my coffee. It was sooooo nice to sit and catch up….let’s do this again next month! 

Thanks for hosting Deborah and Coco!! 


What do you have to share with me? Let’s catch up! 

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