Ultimate Coffee Date December 2016

Well here it is the final Ultimate Coffee Date for 2016….I mean really where has the year gone!?!? I think I will be saying that in every post this month!lol!!

It’s the 1st Saturday of the month so it’s time for us to sit down and enjoy some coffee together. I have to admit, this is my favorite time of the year to enjoy coffee as Starbucks is back with their festive flavors with my favorite being Caramel Brule Latte.


This will have to be a virtual cup for me though as I am doing a round of Whole 30 until the end of the month but come December 31st…it is on!!lol!!

As always, thanks for hosting Deborah and Coco-it is always so nice to touch base and catch up with you lovely ladies.  Thank you for having coffee with me.


If we were having coffee, I would tell you that for the 1st time EVER, I am doing 98% of my holiday shopping online!! I just can’t do the stores any more. It use to be that I would be the lady on Dec 23rd getting all my gifts….I just can’t anymore! Thank you Amazon Prime!!!



If we were having coffee, I would tell you that this time next week, my daughter will be participating in her 1st gymnastics meet as a Level 3 gymnast! I am so excited you would think I was competing!! She has worked do hard since joining the team. We have not been able to take pictures of them practicing (team rule…boo) but I can tell you she has developed so much and so well!! I can’t wait to share later.


If we were having coffee, I would tell you that I have decided to close the year out with a round of Whole 30. In short, my eating has been a mess since September and I need a CTRL-ALT -DEL!



If we were having coffee, I would let you know that my birthday is in 28 days….yup New Year’s Baby here! 



If we were having coffee, I would tell you that I have started off season training with the coach I was paired with for the  Tri Equal Equally Inspiring Program. So far so good. We are upping my running to rebuild my running endurance and adding some timed swim drills. I am looking forward to getting some riding in too.



If we were having coffee, I would let you know that we got to visit my day over the Thanksgiving break and the kids had a great time as usual. I love seeing the side of my dad that I never got to witness as a child. As a child, my dad was serious and no fun but as a grandfather, he is the total opposite and I love that the children get to see this side of him and so do I.



If we were having coffee, I would tell you that I love Christmas Music and love that one of our local stations plays Christmas Music all day until Christmas and I love it!!


If we were having coffee, I would tell you that even though track on Thursdays with the Luna Chix has officially ended, there are ladies who still want to meet and run! This is a good way to continue to switch it up and to enjoy running with other people. We will keep running until it gets to be too cold (probably about 30 degrees). We will see.

If we were having coffee, I would tell you that I am back to doing yoga on Fridays and I am soooo happy!!! I didn’t go to yoga over the summer and I missed it sooo much!!


Well I think I am all done with my coffee…it was delicious. Thanks for having coffee with me and catching up.

What are you drinking?  Let’s catch up! 

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14 thoughts on “Ultimate Coffee Date December 2016

  1. Janelle @ Run With No Regrets says:

    Enjoy doing the Whole30 program! I don’t think I could handle that, but that’s a great way to stay away from all the temptations this holiday season! I hope you have a great birthday at the end of the month…do you have any special plans?

    Congrats to your daughter! I’m sure she gets her athletic prowess from you 🙂

    And that’s cool that your dad is a fun-loving Grandpa!! I’m sure the kids love spending time with him.

    Liked by 1 person

    • fitballingrunningmom says:


      Yes the whole 30 during the holidays is perfect to fend off all the temptations!! It is a tough program but totally doable-you could totally do it (if you wanted to)

      Thanks….she did well this past weekend 😉

      It is really nice to see him interacting with the children.


  2. findingfabulousatfifty says:

    Well, well, well…a fellow New Years Baby! You’ve got me wanting one of those Caramel Brule latte’s right this very minute. Maybe I’ll treat myself to one on my birthday! I’ve been considering doing the Whole 30 cleanse …however, I really don’t think I would be successful during the holidays. Maybe I will wait until January as the holidays sweets are just too tempting 🙂 Best of luck to you daughter in her first gymnastics competition…sounds like she is well prepared and has a great cheerleader in you!

    Liked by 1 person

    • fitballingrunningmom says:

      Yeah!! a birthday twin!!!

      The Caramel Brulle Latte is so freaking good!

      I am really beginning to wonder why I choose December to do the Whole 30…lol!! but the treats are just too tempting..I need some discipline!
      I am so excited for her…and nervous!
      Thanks for having coffee with me!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. H.A.G. says:

    Wow- Whole 30 over the holidays is a challenge for sure! I did one last year, and have lots of resources and a couple of boards on my pinterest, plus recipes on the blog if you need some- I am so feeling your pain- just saying! Whole 30 was hard for me as a runner- I am doing the Advocare 10 day this week- not their 24day version, since it would have overlapped the holidays, and I don’t want to set myself up to fail- so maybe after the year’s end- best of luck and you will feel so great when it is over, I am sure- if nothing else, it is a great re-set of being aware of what you are eating!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Clarinda says:

    Very ambitious of you to do a round of Whole 30 in December. 😂 I’ve never done it, but am thinking maybe doing it one month in 2017.

    I’m kind of a Starbucks addict. I love collecting stars and earning free rewards. Next week, I’ll be sharing my favorite holiday reward drink, cuz you have to get something expensive and special when it’s free. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Michelle @ Running with Attitude says:

    I swear Amazon Prime is the main reason I keep my sanity during the holidays – can’t deal with a mall! LOL!

    Isn’t it funny to watch what being a grandparent does to our parents?! I watch my dad sometimes and think “that is not the man I grew up with!” 😉

    Good for you for getting back to yoga…I so need to!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Karen @ Fit in France says:

    OMG there are stations that play Christmas music all the time ? I would love that. We don’t get a ton of music over here. While everything is very decorative and festive, it is lacking music. I would love that.

    Sounds like things are going great. Good for you for doing Whole 30 during December. I am doing a 6 week bootcamp to keep me accountable to myself. I hate going into the New Year feeling bloated and tired.
    Have a great month !

    Liked by 1 person

    • fitballingrunningmom says:

      The Xmas all day is AWESOME!!! I can not get enough…during the season only though!!

      Oh no…I would have a hard time with limited music.

      The December whole 30 is a challenge but I need it!

      I love bootcamps..such a great way to hold you accountable.

      Enjoy December!


  7. Kimberly Hatting says:

    Well, I”m currently enjoying a hot chai latte’ 😉 I also love Christmas music (but hate hearing it anywhere before Black Friday). I may be doing more online shopping this year as well. I don’t have a lot to buy (the kids are at that age now where they want money or gift cards #boo), though I still put some fun “little” tings in their stockings….which reminds me, I’ll need to find a “replacement” stocking for the Pennsylvania daughter and send that to her with all the goods (she’s not coming home for Christmas since she came for Thanksgiving). Boo to that, too! Happy Holidays!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • fitballingrunningmom says:

      I heard Xmas music right after Halloween and I was so upset ;(

      Awww…I don’t want to kiddies to grow up…the gift cards are so wack..lol!!

      I have never done stockings with the kiddies but I think we might add that. We are more than likely getting a real tree this year..might as well start all the new traditions together…we will see

      Aww sorry she is not coming home ;(.

      Happy Holidays to you too Kim!


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