Countdown to MJ’s 1st gymnastics meet…

OMG ya’ll…my daughter’s 1st gymnastics meet is this Saturday! To say that I am nervous is an understatement.  I don’t know who is more nervous. me or MJ…eeek!

Since July , we have traveled to the gym 3 times a week totaling 9 hrs each week. She has learned, practiced, developed and grown so much in this time.

My little ‘Bounce’ (that is her nickname at the gym) has gone from a recreational gymnast to a Level 3 USA GYMNASTICS Competitive Gymnast..I still can’t believe it!

us gymnastics


This was back in June

I am amazed at her dedication, focus and stick to it-ness!! She is enjoying every minute of this experience and I love watching her experience this.

The skills she has developed blow me away…she can do a back hand spring now!!! OMG!!

Just amazing!!


The gym she trains with is a highly competitive gym and although I know each score matters to the gym the only scores that matter to me are hers.

My Motto for both of my kids is: Try your best always!

If in the end, win/lose/draw, they can confidently and truthfully say, I tried my best, then we all win!!

I have prepared her for what to expect the best I can and I know her coaches have as well. I think she will be a bit overwhelmed by the large crowds but I know she manage it.

I know she will do well! She is so ready!



You got  this MJ!!!



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