WW-Giving this holiday season

Happy Wednesday All.

It’s Wednesday so that means Wednesday’s Word with Deb . This week’s Wednesday’s word is perfect for the Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanza holidays and a good reminder to us all for the reason for the season.


Today’s word: GIVING

Every holiday we participate in a Giving Tree/Adopt a Family program from either my children’s school or through the a local non-profit organization.  Even in years when things were financially difficult for our family, we participate and find a way to GIVE.


The way I feel is that no matter how hard things are for me and my family, I know there are families that are having it harder and GIVING to them warms my heart.

This year, we participated in the GIVING tree program at my childrens’ school. This had us shopping for a 2 yr old boy. I forgot how cute 2 yr old things are! Although they had suggestions of items-I may have gotten those suggestions and a little more…..I may have gone a bit overboard…… I guess I was in the GIVING spirit!

I hope he and his family enjoy everything.

Another GIVING activity we participate in each year is the Red Bucket Donation. Every time we go to the super market, we make sure to take some extra change to deposit in the Red Bucket. The kids love this!


GIVING during the holiday season is what this season is all about.


 Happy Holidays All!!

Do you participate in a holiday GIVING during the holidays?

10 thoughts on “WW-Giving this holiday season

  1. Debbie @ Deb Runs says:

    Our church has giving trees where we pick card hanging from it and then bring the gifts back the following week. I also love how Safeway has prebagged groceries that you can add to your cart, pay $10 for each one and then they deliver them to the nearest food drive or homeless shelter. It makes it super easy to give.

    Thanks for linking up!

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  2. Anne Reynolds says:

    I really love the red buckets — it is an easy way to give all throughout the season. In our office, we brought in kids’ books to donate, too. It is great to think about how a child might receive a book that will make a difference to him or her. I hope you have a wonderful holiday!

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