Christmas Wishes…..

Wait what….it is almost Christmas!!  In a blink of an eye, we will be celebrating Jesus’ birthday and welcoming Santa!

My kiddies are 6 and 8 and still believe in Santa although the 8 year old is catching on…we might only have one more year with him and believing.

Last year, I think I may have written a Christmas Wish List that contained material things and hints of what I wanted.

This year, I thought I would change it up a bit as I reflect on what I am so happy and blessed about these days.

My Christmas wish list is quite simple actually:


Memories for the kiddies: 

We started with making a new memory with the Christmas tree cutting (1st time for us) and will continue with cookie baking and letters to Santa on Christmas Eve (we have done this every year since my son was born).

Smiles on their faces:

Some good quality time with them during the winter break:

The weather is suppose to be pretty nice on Monday and Tuesday so I think we will go ice skating together and a few other local activities.

Successfully de-clutter my house:

I am off this week so it is a good time to roll up the sleeves and get this done. Starting 2017 with a organized and clean house will be a great start!


No real pictures of my clutter…too embarrassing. LOL!

Time to slow down a bit:

It will be nice to wake up when I want to versus when I have to. Nice to take it easy and enjoy the slower pace. Even if it is for just a week…I will enjoy every minute of it!



Time with friends and family: 


What is the holidays if you don’t spend it with the ones that you love.

Well there it is folks…my Christmas wishes!!

What are your Christmas/Holiday Wishes?

I wish you all a very Happy Holiday!  Enjoy the time!


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