Year End Reflections…2016

Happy Saturday and New Year’s Eve.

In honor of the end of 2016, I thought I would do one last end of year post.

A few weeks ago, I found this on Coach Tiffany Henness’s Blog. If you remember from last year, I talked about how I do not do resolutions any more but prefer to set goals for myself. 

It seems that Coach Tiffany has some similar thoughts about resolutions.

HOWEVER, she stated that she loves Year End Reflections!

  1. how she spent my year,
  2. how her  priorities have changed,
  3. what slipped through the cracks that is STILL important to her,
  4. and what she DID accomplish that she’s proud of.

I really like this approach and will use her template to help pull together my Year End Reflections.

Year End Reflections List

  • List your top 10 highlights:
  1. Making it through 2016! Not that this year was super difficult or anything but still. God willing, I will live to see 2017 and celebrate my 43rd birthday on Sunday.
  2. Completing my 1st triathlon.  Amazed to say, I think I might be in love;
  3. Spending time with my family;
  4. Spending time with my friends;
  5. Traveling to Costa Rica;
  6. Visiting a Rain Forest;
  7. Getting Financially Fit;
  8. De-Cluttering my house;
  9. Cutting down and buying a real Christmas Tree;
  10. Making myself a priority!
  • List your top 5 disappointments:
  1. Not organizing and planning date nights with the hubby;
  2. Yo-Yoing with my weight and fitness;
  3. Eating too many sweets and carbs;
  4. Not spending more time with my parents;
  5. Not planning a family trip.
  • List your top 3 game changers: 
  1. My daughter being invited to join competitive gymnastics..the time and financial commitment was a game changer for sure but all worth it!;
  2. When my favorite pants couldn’t button;
  3. I really love yoga!!
  • List 3 things you focused on:
  1. Health/Fitness;
  2. Money management;
  3. My kids.
  • List 3 things you forgot:
  1. The hubby;
  2. To plan a family trip during the summer;
  3. I can’t just eat everything in sight even when I am working!
  • Reflection:


I realize that everything I do, I do for the kids.  99.9% of my thoughts and actions are around the children.  Outside of my early morning fitness/me time, they totally consume me (in a good way).  This has made it hard for me to balance and be a good wife and a good friend.  I really need to work at balancing to ensure, I am giving all things that are important to me the time and focus it needs.

Thank you Tiffany for this thought process and reflection!

What would your 2016 reflection post look like?


8 thoughts on “Year End Reflections…2016

  1. Coco says:

    Great reflections! It is hard to balance everything. I know couples time took a back seat when my kids were younger, but we stayed connected enough to stay connected for when the kids demanded less time. Have you talked about this with him?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Chocolaterunsjudy says:

    Too many women get lost in their kids — and I totally understand that. It’s also why a lot of women end up gaining weight — they’re too consumed with the kiddos. But hey, it happens to me with furkids sometimes! Women are just natural nurturers, for the most part.

    Loved this post — very real!

    Liked by 1 person

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