Winter Break Hangover

Well look at that we are already into week 2 of 2017…soon it will be New Year’s Eve….ok maybe I am being a bit dramatic! LOL!

Happy New Year All!! I hope your 2016 ended well and your 2017 is has started out as bright as the North Star!!

The New Year often starts with many people re-committing or committing to a healthier lifestyle.  Well for me, it started with having a winter break hang over and only getting in 1 workout and I am perfectly OK with that!!

Winter break was so lovely.  As a family, we slowed down and took each moment and day as it came with no plans or schedules.  We woke up late, I worked out later than usual, we stayed in our pjs all day and went to bed late! It was AWESOME!! The only time we left the house was to take my daughter to gymnastics practice and to see the movie Moana (which by the way was AWESOME!!)  and then it was back home and into our pjs!


We did plenty of this over the break!


Playing with xmas gifts

We had one really nice day during the break that had temps in the 60s and I tried to get the kiddies to go ice skating. They were not having it! They wanted to stay home….no complaints from me at all!!

Which totally makes complete sense as to why I had the hardest time getting my body back into waking up early to workout last week. I went to bed semi-on time, set my alarms to wake up but turned them off when they went off in the morning and slept in until past 7 every morning except Thursday. On Thursday, even though I did hit the snooze, I got up and got in a quick workout with Pace and Go using Grokker. On Friday, I made it to yoga too!



This week will be an abbreviated workout week as we leave on Wednesday for Orlando for our National Football Tournament. If we play well and do what we are suppose to do, we will play 5 games but if we lose at any point, we will have play more  (not an option!)


We are taking the kiddies this year and hope to get tickets to Magic Kingdom for Thursday.If we make it there, I am sure my step count will be high on that day! Fingers Crossed.

Even though there is not much to wrap up from last week, still joining my gal pals Tricia and Holly for Weekly Wrap.

Weekly Wrap 75 How about some Blues?

I can’t wait to read what others were up to last week and to see if anyone else had a Winter Break Hangover…I can’t be the only one-right?





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