What a difference a year makes….

March 18, 2015…the day I took the leap and joined the Blogosphere through the encouragement of Cynthia.

My first year of blogging (2105-2016) was a year of learning, exploration and growth. I met the most amazing people through blogging and have even made some in person connections which has been pretty cool.

My second year has continued to be a year of learning and growth however, after taking a summer break from blogging, I have found that getting back into consistently blogging has been a real challenge for me.  Even with encouragement from Karen who has repeatedly let me know that she misses my blog posts (Thanks Karen!), I have struggled to get back to blogging consistently. She wrote a great post last week that really got me thinking and a little rejuvenated about blogging again.

As a whole 2017 has really begun to be a year of reflection for me in terms of really thinking about the ‘why’ of the things that I do.

In that vain, I had to go back to my first blog post to look at my ‘why’. Why did I begin this blog.

In my first blog post I wrote:

  • My purpose of this blog is to be able to share my thoughts and feelings about fitness, health, football, running all while balancing family (I have a husband and 2 young children) and work.

This is my why….this is the reason why I blog. Sometimes looking back can really help me reset and get back onto the path I have chosen.

Although I feel that I have reset a few times this year on trying to get back into blogging, I am ok with resetting again.

Remembering my why, focusing on my why and staying true to my why is how I will move forward on my blogging journey.

That being said…..today, I am proud to say Happy 2nd Blogging Anniversary Fit Balling Running Mom!!!


Here is to year 3 and staying committed to your WHY and enjoying this blogging experience.

No questions today…just easing my way back and looking forward to reconnecting with my blogging tribe! 😉

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12 thoughts on “What a difference a year makes….

  1. Ponder N Wonder says:

    Happy Blogiversary!! My first is coming pretty soon and indeed, a year can make a difference. As you mentioned, it is really important to reflect on the ‘why’ and not get caught up on competition. Glad to see you jump into your third year. To many more years ahead!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Chocolaterunsjudy says:

    Blogging is time consuming, and you certainly seem to have your time already very well allotted for!

    That being said, there’s no problem with just blogging when you really feel something and want to share. You don’t have to do it on a set schedule.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Run Wright says:

    Happy Anniversary and congratulations on 2 years of sharing yourself on your own page on your own terms, doing just what you want to do. Blogging isn’t easy. I’ve been at it for a while and I still struggle with how much of myself to put out there. There have been days, entire weeks that would go by where I can’t think of a single thing that anyone would be interested to hear about or why I should be the one to share it. But when I get back to the reason why I started the blog, my WHY, I remember the outlet is for me.
    Over the years, I have met bloggers who just fell off the radar and stopped blogging, at least for now, because they decided it wasn’t for them. I understand and respect the choice but I’m glad you’re not one of those.
    Here’s to at least 2 more years because you’re one of my favs on here.

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