Celebrating weekend VICTORIES!

Oh my…oh my…..It has been a while since I joined  Deb for Wednesday Word but as usual, whenever I do, her Wednesday word fits perfectly into my life happenings!



Today’s word…..VICTORY:

-achievement of mastery or success in a struggle or endeavor against odds or difficulties.

Thanks Deb for the opportunity to link up and to share with you and other the VICTORIES from this past weekend.

On Saturday, I shared with you all that I was in Philly participating in The Hot Chocolate 5k.  This is a race series that I did last year with my Sole Sistahs and we had such a great time, we committed to running every year (schedules permitting).

hot-chocolate-logoI wasn’t able to sign up until the last minute because, I had to wait for my daughter’s gymnastics meet schedule for April to come out before committing.

When I got the email that her April meet would be Sunday April 2nd….I contacted my girls to let them know and I would be able to run the Saturday race.

1st Victory and how we felt when it was confirmed that all of us would be back in Philly running together:



My sister initially had planned to run the 15k but down graded to the 5k as she wasn’t able to properly train for the 15k. 2nd VICTORY- we would all be running the 5k.

We drove up Friday night and enjoyed a relaxing pre-run evening of packet pick up, food, relaxation and a good night sleep.  3rd VICTORY!

The night before, we all talked about our goals for the race but neither of us were 100% committed to pushing too hard to achieve the goals we discussed and we all had an overall sentiment of ‘Doing our best and giving our best effort’.

best effort

We got up Saturday morning, got dressed and mapped out the route to the start line from the hotel.  Our only non-Victory of the weekend..lol. I totally mapped out the distance incorrectly. Where I thought the start was about a 10 minute walk from the hotel…it was more of a 55m walk or 11 min drive….oops.  Thank goodness for Uber! Our driver knew all the back roads and dropped us right off at the start…like we had to cross the street and find our corral!   We got there right at the start time! Boom!  4th Victory!

I was grouped initially with Coral B but since my girls were grouped in a later Corral, I decided to join them so we could all start together and of course get a couple Usies before the race ;).

As the corral started, we each made our way through the crowds (not to self, start with an earlier corral-too many people in the later corrals) and got into our race. 5th Victory

The Philly Hot Chocolate is an semi out and back race on a flat road with a decline in the beginning and a small incline at the end.

Let’s get into the Sole Sistah’s Victories  of the race:

Me:-I finished right under my 2nd goal time-crossing the finish line strong at 29:54.

me at hot choc

My sister: Finished her fastest 5k! Smiling from beginning to end and finishing  33:39.

de at hot choc

My bestie:  Who does not run, does not like to run, signed up the week before the race and ran the 5k with heart and determination!

sab at hot choc

My sister from another mother and my sister’s bestie: 4 months after ACL reconstruction surgery ran a 5k at a 11:00/min mile pace!

dori at hot choc

BOOM!!! What a great race! So proud of my girls!

We celebrated our Victories with the delicious after race goodies of hot chocolate and fondue! YUMS!!!! #WillRunForChocolate

The Victories continued:

10th Victory-with a Lyft pick up right in front of the race exit;

11th Victory- 2pm late checkout

12th Victory- Cheese Steak!

13th Victory- a great weekend with sole sistahs!

The Victories continue on Sunday where my daughter competed in her last regular season meet before States and earned her highest score this season of 35.65 and earning for the 1st time a score of 9.0 or above on 3 of the 4 apparatuses!

She earned 5th place overall!

Yes indeed this weekend was a weekend of Victories!

Do you have an victories to share? I would live to hear about them!

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10 thoughts on “Celebrating weekend VICTORIES!

  1. Debbie @ Deb Runs says:

    Welcome back to Wednesday Word, Tamieka! I love this so much – I just loved how you numbered your victories over the course of the weekend! Congrats to you and your friends on great races AND your daughter on doing so well at her meet!

    Thanks for linking up!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Jodi says:

    What a great weekend! So fun to focus on all the victories 🙂 You are your sole sistahs all have such beautiful smiles and look so happy!! I really want to try one of these races one of these days! Glad you all had a good time.

    Liked by 1 person

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