My tiny head is loving my AfterShokz Minis!!!

Funny…..well funny now story.

When I was pregnant with my son, I got a call from my obstetrician that she needed me to come in right away and that she was referring my to a fetal maternal specialist. Of course being my first pregnancy and that I was  of ‘advanced maternal age’ I was totally FREAKING out! I literally dropped what I was doing and rushed to the fetal maternal specialist office.

Fast forward to the appointment and we find out that when I went in for my monthly check up and they had done a measurement of the baby’s head, the head measurement was concerning to them because it measured very small (to them). When we walked out of the specialist’s office, we all took a big sigh of relief…..the specialist had done a sonogram and assured us that everything would be fine. She actually laughed a bit and didn’t know why our obstetrician had freaked us out so much. She said looking at both mine and my husband’s head size it makes sense that the baby’s head measured small and again nothing for us to worry about.  He came out just fine 😉

Ok I know by now you are wondering what the heck does this have to to do with AfterShokz Titanium Headphones Tamieka.

Let me tie it all together…..

With my small head, I have consistently been having the hardest time finding a set of headphones that fit my small head.  Literally I have been through too many pairs to count.

Fast forward and thanks to my relationship with Fit Approach/Sweat Pink, I got selected to get a free pair of AfterShokz Titanium Headphones to test and review.  Although I was given these free to test out, my review is honest and neutral and in no way biased.

Maybe these would be the one….


A few great details about these awesome headphones per the website:

  • They are wireless…no more wires!!
  • The go around your head and on the outside of your ears….no more silly earbuds falling out of the ear.
  • They are super comfortable!
  • They have these awesome open ear design that doesn’t block or cover your ears, so you can enjoy music, podcasts and calls without eliminating important sounds such as, traffic, and your #SweatPink squad.
  • They are not afraid to get you can sweat it out and not have to worry about them….Trekz Titanium are IP55 certified to survive the sweatiest runs, heated yoga sessions, and unexpected rainstorms.
  • The best thing…..they come in two sizes one being the mini..   yes!!

My husband has the original size and although he swears his head is smaller than mine (lol), I knew the mini would fit me best.

I did the suggested measurement as stated on the website to ensure proper fit just to be sure. Yup my pea head was the perfect size for the mini….#happydance.

How excited I was when I got back from vacation to find this beauty waiting for me to try out! I actually got a little worried when I looked at them because they looked soo small.

Well…..they fit just fine!

What I love about these headphones:

  • The are super light. I almost always forget I have them on;
  • The color is kind of cool….#pinkpower;
  • They sit perfectly around my head and rest nicely on the outside of my ears I don’t have to put them in my ears. Not only is this an awesome design but it allows me to wear my headphones and still be able to hear my surroundings;
  • Did I mention they are also bluetooth enabled….yup can listen to my favorite music and podcast while working out;
  • THEY FIT MY HEAD!!!!! #Score

I love the color!

I do think these will be my last pair of wireless headphones I get!!

Thank you  Fit Approach/Sweat Pink and AfterShokz Titanium Headphones! I love them!!

If you are looking for a pair of amazing wireless headphones, head over and order my new favorite headphones-AfterShokz Titanium Headphones and get a free water bottle ….but wait there is more…….Do you want to win a pair AfterShokz? 

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Do you wear headphones? Wireless?

15 thoughts on “My tiny head is loving my AfterShokz Minis!!!

  1. Run Wright says:

    Haha that’s a great story and the perfect intro to a review of head-phones. I actually have an extra large head which sounds like I’m telling a joke until I go to buy a hat and you’ll see I have to ask for the extra large size 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Alyse says:

    Ahaha I have the opposite head problem – my head is so large that I can never find hats that fit. 😉 So glad the Aftershokz minis work for you – I LOVE my regular size ones. And you’re so right, I never thought about it before but I often forget that I have them on because they’re so lightweight.

    Hooray for finding something that works for you!

    Liked by 1 person

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