Guest Blog Post with Runaway Bridal Planner

In 2015 when I began this whole blogging experience. I had the pleasure of meeting so many amazing bloggers. I was so overwhelmed with the idea of a blog, when to write, what to write, will anyone read what I write…lol.

In 2015, I had my best blogging experience, when I got to join Kristy for one of her Blog Hops. I met so many amazing bloggers and learned some great blogging etiquette from her.

Since then, Kristy has been one of my top supporters, readers and commentators on my blog.

When she was in need of blogs to guest host on-of course I told her I would help her out!

You all are in for a treat…..enjoy!

Take it away Kristy!

Medal Design 4

Have you considered a Virtual Race before?

Registrations spots for the Sea to Shining Sea Virtual Races are filling up fast if you register today, you can use discount code FUNRUN and save 15% off the registration price. HINT: If you are willing to share you signed up on Facebook during registration you can save an additional 10% too. Registration prices increase next week, so don’t wait!

Need an Idea for Kids This Summer?

Virtual races are perfect for kids and families, after all families that run together, stay together! The 5k event is perfect for kids and families to train for and get active together. Set up some fun family competition with each other. Best part come race week your family can choose any course, any time that works best for you all! Your kids will be rewarded for participation and earn some fun race bling to show off their accomplishments to their friends.

Ad11 (1).jpg

What is a Virtual Race?

Runners, walkers or even hikers sign up for any distance they want to work towards as part of a goal. Come race week you pick your own course, and go at any pace you’d like. That is the best part, you don’t have to schedule time away from other things in your life, you get to race day or night when its best for you! Your efforts and completion as in a regular road race, will be provided with a race t-shirt and beautiful unique finishers medallion to show off your accomplishments.

Ad 7

Love great race bling?

Sea to shining Sea has created a unique finishers medallion you can earn for all your hard work here is a glimpse of the design. (Note: the actual medal will be a nice quality heavier nickel metal about 3 inches wide with a navy blue splash of color.)

Why enter Run Sea to Shining Sea Virtual Races?

* Use it as a training run for a fall race you are gearing towards.

* To motivate you to stay active or to become active.

* Compete against yourself.

* Compete in your own way with no restrictions, run during the time of day and day of the week that works best for your schedule.

* It supports American small businesses, medal creation, and t-shirt screen printing all done by American based companies. In addition, the event project itself is for a college thesis project so you’ll be helping a runner get her Recreational Management degree!

* To earn a new medallion to add to your race accomplishment displays.

Want to give it a try? You can REGISTER HERE today before registration prices increase. Don’t wait!

Do you think this sounds like a race you’d enjoy?

Thank you so much Kristy for sharing this great virtual race with my readers.

4 thoughts on “Guest Blog Post with Runaway Bridal Planner

  1. Run Wright says:

    Agreed, Tamieka. I will always be grateful to Kristy for introducing me to awesome blog-friends, like you (has it really been that long since we met?). Kudos to you for supporting her here now and glad to see you promoting this event, Kristy. I hope a lot of people sign up and participate in the virtual race because it is a great idea.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Kimberly Hatting says:

    I was so close to doing this! Then Wham Bam, I got thrown into the hospital and told I wouldn’t be running for at least two months…so I decided this wasn’t a good fit due to the lousy timing of my surprise surgery ;-( It sounds like a great event, knowing Kristy (whom I met the same time as you in the Hop), it will be top-notch šŸ˜‰

    Liked by 1 person

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