4 weeks down….5 weeks to go!

Week 4 of training in the books!


The training schedule increased a bit this week. Having a plan in place continues to keep me motivated and works for me!!

Here is a quick recap of the week:

Training Recap graphic

Scheduled Workouts:
Get to the pool!!!
4×25 swim, kick, pull swim
2 x 50 swim
1:00 rest
4×25 swim, kick, pull swim
2 x 50 swim
Take as much of a break as you need in between 25s.
Enjoy it!!
If you can get outside, do it. If not:
10:00 easy
8×1:00 steady effort/30 secs easy
8:00 easy
30 min easy jog
Brick!! 30 Min Easy bike/10 min run
Just a little longer run. Get those legs turning over!! Smile and remember that you are a triathlete. You love this! 🙂
Completed Workouts:
Weight Training:

20 minutes of full body 3X12


400 yards

Complete workout.

Day off!!!

Completed Workout.

was able to get outside an ride. Got a few hill climbs in.


Workout at track –

~1 mile warm up with dynamic stretching
~ 1600 steady-400 recovery
-800 steady-400 recovery
-400 push-400 recovery.



30 Min run



Started schedule brick but got a flat ;(…got 15 min on bike so extended run.


Took the bike in today, there was a leak in my brand new tube ;(. Swapped out and good to go!

A few pics from last weeks workouts:







5 weeks…LET’S GET IT!!!

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