What happens when I do and what happens when I don’t……

Hey there all!!

Well here we are in September and usually about this time I am talking about NewMonth/New Goals, etc…..yeah not so much……

I will talk about what I know…..

  • I know that a month ago, I let you all know how disgusting I was feeing about myself.  My weight was up, my measurements were up and I had stepped on a scale (LAWD!!!!);
  • I know that after that I made a commitment to really focus on this and to prepare to make better decisions to support my efforts in reducing those numbers;
  • I know that for 2 weeks when I was focused and committed, I saw results( lost 5 lbs and .5 inch in my waist, and my legs)
  • I know that when I was not focused and committed (on vacation last week and then this week), I did not see any results (all measurements are the same);
  • I know that I continue to be so frustrated with myself and sick and tired of what feels like forever of this feeling of not doing what I need to do to be successful;
  • I know that this feeling is so foreign to me and I really don’t know how to deal with this;
  • I know that I am thinking about going to see a therapist-this feeling just doesn’t feel right;

Sorry for another woe is me…..so so sad post but it is my genuine feelings right now and I have to allow myself to feel these feelings.

How do you get over the hump? Taking all suggestions!!!

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4 thoughts on “What happens when I do and what happens when I don’t……

  1. Run Wright says:

    Well, you know I am all for sharing even my weak moments on the blog so you go right ahead, my dear. Sharing is the opportunity to get help.
    It’s really getting harder to get into and stay in shape as we get older. What we used to do doesn’t work as effectively but you are one of the fittest ladies I know so I know you’ll work it out and I look forward to hearing your success story 🙂

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  2. Chocolaterunsjudy says:

    I like blogs that are real — life isn’t easy and ti’s ok to vent. Vacations are tough. The trick for me with them is to get right back on track as soon as I get home — no post-vacation parties!

    You know yourself best. So if something’s not right, maybe start with a dr and go from there.

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