76 day countdown…..


It actually feels so weird and foreign to put words to this post. My how the times have changed!

You are probably wondering what the heck my post title means-76 day countdown until what-Tamieka? Well, as of today, Sunday October 15th-there are 76 days left in 2017! Can you believe that?! I know right?!?

My goal is to finish the year out strong…..literally!

For the next 76 days, I will be switching gears and getting back to weight training and running exclusively. Oh how I have missed them so! No, I am not giving up on Triathlons but right now finding the need to get back to what I feel most successful with to help make me a stronger and better triathlete.

Tomorrow, Monday I will begin the Stronlift 5×5 program.

This program will have me lifting 3 days a week which will allow me to add running in 3 days a week. My hope is that this structure will help me to successfully get my strength and running bases back.

My goal is to post everyday with completed workouts, workout pictures and a honest reflection of the workout.

Here’s to finishing off 2017 Strong…..

What have you been up to?

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