Run base re-development-Day 1

One of the things that I have been struggling with most often and recently is the loss of my run base.  To think, I used to train and run half marathons and most recently I have been struggling just to run a mile.  The frustration has been quite significant for me.

As I count down these last months/days of 2017, redeveloping my run base is high on my to do list.

Using the run components of the DCTRI women’s group training plan, I am following a steady plan which includes three days of running. I am optimistic that this will help me redevelop my run base that will allow me to complete 2 races later in the year.

Today’s workout: 25 minutes with descending speed.

The face you make when it is cold enough for a hat and gloves in mid-October!

Completed workout:

27 min run complete with only stops at traffic lights. #babysteps

The goal was to try to descend the pace…mission completed the 1st 2 miles….work in progress. I’ll take it!

Got to see Venus ad Mars in the dawn sky this morning.

Highlights of early morning running.

Pure Early Morning Beauty!

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