Thursday Throwdown…Who/What Motivates Me?

Motivation can come from anywhere…yourself, your environment, your family, your friends…look around and motivation can be everywhere! Today on Throwdown Thursday (TT), Sarah, Lex and I want to know: who/what motivates you? mo·ti·vate verb provide (someone) with a motive for doing something.   Who motivates me: Myself I have to say my 1st and #1 … Continue reading Thursday Throwdown…Who/What Motivates Me?

Thursday Throwdown Link-Up

**Thursday Throwdown Link up** I am so excited to start a link up with 2 local bloggers Alexis (Lex) and Sarah. Starting April 7, 2016 and happening EVERY  Thursday. (This is a change starting in June 2016) What is Throwdown Thursday? Thursday Throwdown is an opportunity to link-up with like-minded bloggers. Hosted by Alexis, Sarah, … Continue reading Thursday Throwdown Link-Up