WW-I have improved….

I can't believe that it has been almost a year since I have done my 1st triathlon and 1 year to the day ( Sept 17, 2017) when I was to compete in my 3rd triathlon (I have deferred my race-more on that in another post)!! NEVER in a million years, would I have thought … Continue reading WW-I have improved….

Here’s what I know…..

I know that: I miss blogging regularly; I also feel overwhelmed blogging regularly; I feel overwhelmed trying to  keep up with my blogging tribe; I miss the fitness accountability blogging provided for me the past 2 years. What I plan to do about it: Make no promises to myself or you all about how often … Continue reading Here’s what I know…..

Happy Birthday to me!!!

Happy Birthday to me!! Today 1/1/2017 is my 43nd birthday! My 1st celebration of my birthday was at my sister's NYE games night. This is always a blast. My 2nd celebration, I will be running the MCCRC New Year's 5k and sharing some mimosas with my running friends at the race. My 3rd celebration, will … Continue reading Happy Birthday to me!!!

Help! I have rested and can’t restart….

Happy Monday All!! How was everyone's weekend? Mine blew by so fast. I can barely remember it. A few highlights: My sister and I were team captains for the Heels-Cleats-Sneaks Pacing 4 Parkinson's Charity Team with John Hopkins Movement Research.  Our dad as early onset Parkinson's and The Johns Hopkins Movement Disorders Center has done wonders … Continue reading Help! I have rested and can’t restart….

Soleful Saturday….Charlottesville 10 miler plan

This weekend I am with the Team Luna Chix DC Run Team for our team retreat. One of the activities we are doing is the Charlottesville 10 miler. Everybody knows that the way my knee is set up, I am not in ANY shape to run 10 miles but when the suggestion was made, being the … Continue reading Soleful Saturday….Charlottesville 10 miler plan

It’s my 1 year Blog Anniversary!!!

Hey....Hey.....It's Friday and today March 18, 2016 is my 1 year Blog Anniversary!!!! I can't believe that for 1 year, I have shared my thoughts, feelings, successes and failures with you all!  For 1 year, you all have read, commented, shared and supported me! When I think back to the conversation Alanna and Cynthia and … Continue reading It’s my 1 year Blog Anniversary!!!

ABC….all about me

Since my last post was a bit of a downer, I thought I would be a bit more cheerful today and play along with Michelle and Jaime and complete this fun ABC....all about me survey. A – Age: 42; B – Breakfast Today: Egg Whites omelet and Baked Potato with salsa; C – Current Time:2:45pm EST; D – … Continue reading ABC….all about me

I am in the spotlight this week!!!

I write this on Monday..... It's Monday and on most Mondays on my blog, you will find a Weekly-Wrap post sharing my past week's workouts and shenanigans.  Weekly-Wrap is a blog link-up with Holly at HoHo Runs and Tricia from MissSippiPiddlin.  If you are so inclined, be sure to check out not only the hosts, but the other awesome bloggers sharing their … Continue reading I am in the spotlight this week!!!

My best blogging experience of 2015-My 1st Blog Hop

Since, I started blogging in March of this year, I thought I would wait until then to do a full blogging year review. I couldn't let the year end though without talking about my BEST Blogging Experience of 2015. From October 26-November 20th of this year, I participated in a blog hop hosted by Kristy … Continue reading My best blogging experience of 2015-My 1st Blog Hop