76 day countdown…..

Heeeeey!! It actually feels so weird and foreign to put words to this post. My how the times have changed! You are probably wondering what the heck my post title means-76 day countdown until what-Tamieka? Well, as of today, Sunday October 15th-there are 76 days left in 2017! Can you believe that?! I know right?!? … Continue reading 76 day countdown…..

My tiny head is loving my AfterShokz Minis!!!

Funny.....well funny now story. When I was pregnant with my son, I got a call from my obstetrician that she needed me to come in right away and that she was referring my to a fetal maternal specialist. Of course being my first pregnancy and that I was  of 'advanced maternal age' I was totally … Continue reading My tiny head is loving my AfterShokz Minis!!!

TOTR….2017 race planning begins

Happy Tuesday all. I am coming to you from Brooklyn NY today. I popped in for a day trip as my dad is having back surgery today and I felt it in my spirit to be here for him.  He is so low key and totally tried to stop me from coming but just like … Continue reading TOTR….2017 race planning begins

WW…my attitude is such a Nuisance right now!

nui·sance noun a person, thing, or circumstance causing inconvenience or annoyance. Ok this is getting ridiculous!!  I am sick of it and of myself but just not able to get my -  -ish together!!!! I really can't figure out what gives. Let me back up a bit....... This year, I have been really good at … Continue reading WW…my attitude is such a Nuisance right now!

FALLing into Fall Fitness Goals

Happy Tuesday!! Well we are in the full swing of Fall here in the DC area.  The days are getting the shorter, the mornings are darker and the air cool and crisp. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this time of year!!  I love everytyhing about it!! After my triathlon, I made a consious effort to take … Continue reading FALLing into Fall Fitness Goals

Feelings of loss….. plus a PT review

Happy Tuesday everyone!! Sorry I have been a bit MIA recently ( I feel like I have been saying that a lot recently). Last week was a little tough for me emotionally and I just needed a little break.  Last week on May 27th it would have been my childhood best friend Joy's 43th birthday. … Continue reading Feelings of loss….. plus a PT review

I am in physical therapy.. finally!!

So I have finally done it ya'll. I have started PT! It has only been a year since my Orthopedic Surgeon recommended it...but better late than never...right? My initial consultation began with the typical intake with general health/surgery questions along with some poking and prooding.  The initial diagnosis: weak glutes and hamstrings. Treatment: 2 sessions … Continue reading I am in physical therapy.. finally!!