Funday Friday-Fitness and Fives

It’s FRIDAY!!!! TGIF!!! Friday link- ups today with -DC Trifecta of Cynthia, Mar and and Courtney for Friday Fives and with Jill for Fitness Fridays!! Fitness Friday: This week I have been off schedule as it is Spring Break and my normal routine was shifted by being off 3 days this week. I was able to get my last easy … Continue reading Funday Friday-Fitness and Fives

Thinking Out Loud #4- My week is a little off….

IT'S THURSDAY!!! That means......  Thank you for allowing me to link-up with you, Amanda  @ Running with Spoons! Pre-Thought: It's Spring Break week and so my week is a little off. I haven't blogged since Saturday and glad for Thinking Out Loud to get my thoughts out! Thought #1: TODAY IS MY SON'S 7th BIRTHDAY!!! I am so … Continue reading Thinking Out Loud #4- My week is a little off….

Training for Tuesday….Springing into April….

It's the last Tuesday of the month and I am happy to have found Alyssa  and Tracy and the Training for Tuesday link-up. I can't believe it is the lst day of March.  This day and tomorrow will always be a life changer for me in my fitness journey and a reminder to me everyday why a … Continue reading Training for Tuesday….Springing into April….

Soleful Saturday #2-PR (what do those 2 little letters mean to you?)

It's Saturday-which means it's Soleful Saturday brought to you by yours truley! Today I am going to talk about those 2 little letters that can make or break every runner! (or PB-Personal Best) When I re-started my running journey a little over a year and a half ago, I ran as part of my PT … Continue reading Soleful Saturday #2-PR (what do those 2 little letters mean to you?)

Fitness Fridays…..

As Friday closes out here in the DC area-I wanted to link up with Jill for Fitness Fridays. After struggling to get out of the bed to workout this morning, I managed to get a good leg workout in.  As I was changing out of my workout clothes, I noticed some changes in my back.  Which … Continue reading Fitness Fridays…..