76 day countdown…..

Heeeeey!! It actually feels so weird and foreign to put words to this post. My how the times have changed! You are probably wondering what the heck my post title means-76 day countdown until what-Tamieka? Well, as of today, Sunday October 15th-there are 76 days left in 2017! Can you believe that?! I know right?!? … Continue reading 76 day countdown…..

Help! I have rested and can’t restart….

Happy Monday All!! How was everyone's weekend? Mine blew by so fast. I can barely remember it. A few highlights: My sister and I were team captains for the Heels-Cleats-Sneaks Pacing 4 Parkinson's Charity Team with John Hopkins Movement Research.  Our dad as early onset Parkinson's and The Johns Hopkins Movement Disorders Center has done wonders … Continue reading Help! I have rested and can’t restart….

FALLing into Fall Fitness Goals

Happy Tuesday!! Well we are in the full swing of Fall here in the DC area.  The days are getting the shorter, the mornings are darker and the air cool and crisp. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this time of year!!  I love everytyhing about it!! After my triathlon, I made a consious effort to take … Continue reading FALLing into Fall Fitness Goals

Dear Non-Injured Self

So although I have not endured any new injuries (knock on wood) this year, my chronic injury know as post-traumatic arthritis ( a form of arthritis that develops after an injury to the knee),  is kicking my a@@! Like really, getting out 1 mile is torturous. I made it up to 2 miles yesterday though.......#silverlining. In talking to … Continue reading Dear Non-Injured Self

2016 Goals-February Check-In

Happy March everyone!!!   I can't believe that today is the beginning of March.....the year is flying by!  In a few days (17 to be exact!), I would have been blogging for a year.....that is UNBELIEVABLE to me!!   It is the beginning of the month, which means it is time for a 2016 Goal … Continue reading 2016 Goals-February Check-In

Last week of December 2015-Weekly Wrap

Wait what!!! It is the last week of December of the year 2015....how is that possible!!! Well no other way would I want to end the month than linking up with with, my friends Holly from HoHo Runs and Tricia from MissSippiPiddlin for the weekly wrap-thanks for the opportunity  ladies! Make sure to stop by and check out … Continue reading Last week of December 2015-Weekly Wrap

Holiday Sweat with Fit Approach and Run to the Finish

Did you know  that the average person gains 7 to 10 pounds between Thanksgiving and Christmas?  I can totally see how it happens. First there is Halloween and all of those yummy mini delights that you just can't stop eating and then there are the weeks after when everyone brings in their left over Halloween … Continue reading Holiday Sweat with Fit Approach and Run to the Finish