TOTR-Warm Weather Apparel

It's Tuesday and that means Tuesdays on the Run (TOTR) with Erica at mcmmamaruns, She is joined by  Patty of noguiltlife and April of runthegreatwidesomewhere. Today's theme is Favorite Warm Weather Apparel. Quite appropriate since the last time I linked up with TOTR I shared my Spring Training goals. It is actually hard for me to start thinking about Spring apparel as … Continue reading TOTR-Warm Weather Apparel

Week/Weekend Update/Marvelous Monday-Cherry Blossom Recap

It's Monday!!!! It's Monday and so that means linking up with Tara for another edition of Weekend Update!  This is my 3rd time participating and as I have said before,  Mondays are a bit more fun now because I get to share with you all about my weekend and I also get to see what everybody else … Continue reading Week/Weekend Update/Marvelous Monday-Cherry Blossom Recap

Thinking Out Loud #4- My week is a little off….

IT'S THURSDAY!!! That means......  Thank you for allowing me to link-up with you, Amanda  @ Running with Spoons! Pre-Thought: It's Spring Break week and so my week is a little off. I haven't blogged since Saturday and glad for Thinking Out Loud to get my thoughts out! Thought #1: TODAY IS MY SON'S 7th BIRTHDAY!!! I am so … Continue reading Thinking Out Loud #4- My week is a little off….

Soleful Saturday #3-You know you are a runner when…..

It's another addition of Soleful Saturdays here on my blog. If this is your first time joining me on a Saturday, one of my posts on Saturdays will be called Soleful Saturday that will be devoted to anything and everything running. Today's theme.....You know you are a runner when....... This weekend I am visiting my … Continue reading Soleful Saturday #3-You know you are a runner when…..

Training for Tuesday….Springing into April….

It's the last Tuesday of the month and I am happy to have found Alyssa  and Tracy and the Training for Tuesday link-up. I can't believe it is the lst day of March.  This day and tomorrow will always be a life changer for me in my fitness journey and a reminder to me everyday why a … Continue reading Training for Tuesday….Springing into April….

Soleful Saturday #2-PR (what do those 2 little letters mean to you?)

It's Saturday-which means it's Soleful Saturday brought to you by yours truley! Today I am going to talk about those 2 little letters that can make or break every runner! (or PB-Personal Best) When I re-started my running journey a little over a year and a half ago, I ran as part of my PT … Continue reading Soleful Saturday #2-PR (what do those 2 little letters mean to you?)

Short and Sweet- Exciting news #girlsrunfast

I am excited to share that I have been selected to join Girls Run Fast as an ambassador. When I visited their site and read their 'about us' section, I felt that their mission was similar to mine and so I applied and was graciously accepted. I can't wait to get my first piece of … Continue reading Short and Sweet- Exciting news #girlsrunfast