Perfect time for IdealFit!

Happy Summer All!! Just when I was wanting to get continues to happen and my time for blogging continues to be put on the back burner.  I am looking forward to getting back to regular programming/blogging and reconnecting with you all soon!! Dropping in quickly share with you an opportunity that I received from … Continue reading Perfect time for IdealFit!

SL3S Dual Pocket Run Belt Review and GiveAway ends 2/24

  Do you use anything to hold your phone and suck when you go running? I use to use one of those armbands that fit my blackberry perfectly!! Now that I have moved onto a Samsung Note 4, I needed something that would it could fit in.  How excited I was, when I was asked … Continue reading SL3S Dual Pocket Run Belt Review and GiveAway ends 2/24

Home Workouts with & Giveaway!

I am pretty self motivating and can usually get focused to workout by myself.  I have never liked the gym...too many distractions and antics for me.  Also for me, it is wasted time (that I don't have) to drive to the gym, fight over machines, workout and then drive back home to rush and get … Continue reading Home Workouts with & Giveaway!