And so it starts…..

Ok no really I am getting my -ish together and getting my training going to be most prepared for the YMCA Frederick Triathlon!! I have been hemming and hawing but now it is time to get it done!! I at first just did a google search for a 9 week spring triathlon plan and found … Continue reading And so it starts…..

Here’s what I know…..

I know that: I miss blogging regularly; I also feel overwhelmed blogging regularly; I feel overwhelmed trying to  keep up with my blogging tribe; I miss the fitness accountability blogging provided for me the past 2 years. What I plan to do about it: Make no promises to myself or you all about how often … Continue reading Here’s what I know…..

Winter Break Hangover

Well look at that we are already into week 2 of 2017...soon it will be New Year's Eve....ok maybe I am being a bit dramatic! LOL! Happy New Year All!! I hope your 2016 ended well and your 2017 is has started out as bright as the North Star!! The New Year often starts with … Continue reading Winter Break Hangover

Decorating for the holidays

Happy Wednesday all!! If you are a regular to the blog, you know what Wednesday's on the blog mean....I get to join Deb and other bloggers as we interpret Wednesday’s Word.  This week’s Wednesday’s word is perfect for the Holiday Season! Today’s word: DECORATE dec·o·rate verb 1. make (something) look more attractive by adding extra items or images to it. … Continue reading Decorating for the holidays