Here’s what I know…..

I know that: I miss blogging regularly; I also feel overwhelmed blogging regularly; I feel overwhelmed trying to  keep up with my blogging tribe; I miss the fitness accountability blogging provided for me the past 2 years. What I plan to do about it: Make no promises to myself or you all about how often … Continue reading Here’s what I know…..

Reflections of an injured Runner…..I’m glad I listened to my body

Earlier this summer, I had 2 injuries that pretty much sidelined my from from running for about a month.  You can read more about that here and  here.  In short, I was diagnosed with severe arthritis in my right knee and cuboid syndrome. The arthritis has been a long time coming as I had ACL … Continue reading Reflections of an injured Runner…..I’m glad I listened to my body

Thinking out loud…..keeping it 100%!

It's been a long time since I have Linked up with Amanda at Running w/Spoons for Thinking out Loud. Thanks for having me........ -Today is my 9th wedding anniversary.  I have to be honest and truthful and say that this has been the hardest year of marriage. Marriage is hard work!!!! Keeping it 100% -This weekend … Continue reading Thinking out loud…..keeping it 100%!

Thinking out loud…..what’s on my mind right now

IT'S THURSDAY!!! That means......  Thank you for allowing me to link-up with you, Amanda  @ Running with Spoons! Pre-thought......what a difference a week makes!! Last week I had such great and fun things happen to and for me and this week has been the complete opposite!! Starting with my left side axle of me car breaking and it … Continue reading Thinking out loud…..what’s on my mind right now

Thinking out loud #2-Random Thoughts….

It's Thursday so that means linking up with  Amanda  @ Running with Spoons! #thinkingoutloud I am all over the place so bear with me and enjoy the ride! Thought #1-I have been blogging for a week! In this week I have learned so much and I  am excited to learn more, connect more and blog more!! … Continue reading Thinking out loud #2-Random Thoughts….